Separator Offering Transparent Investment Plans to Secure Your Future Goals

Ram Kalyan Medury,CEO

Ram Kalyan Medury, CEO

Today, due to several reasons like a fast-paced life, job insecurities and many others, being financially competent in the present, as well as the future has become the prime focus for every individual. For a lot of people, financial security and peace of mind depend on making the right financial decisions. Yet, there is growing evidence that far too many individuals make very poor decisions, and many cannot be described as making decisions at all. As a result, people end-up investing in a poor quality solution which fails to meet their goals, creating hassles with cluttered finances or face high investment costs. Hyderabad-based Simply Grow Technologies, under its brand Jamā offers a zero commission financial advisory platform to help people deal with this problem. It further helps and educates them by offering a disciplined approach to attain their goals at the lowest possible cost. Jamā believes that ‘Free’ often costs more, and that honest platform with a small fee is the best when it comes to personal finance.

Hassle-Free Investment
With the right blend of personalized services and technological
convenience, Jamā uses financial planning tools with a sustainable model to help customers achieve their goals within the available funds. Ram Kalyan Medury, CEO, Simple Grow Technologies, asserts, “With Jamā, a newbie or a savvy investor can create a secured financial plan and design investment portfolio to build wealth with no effort. Our zero commission models make the process clear & faster, helping clients by saving upto 50 percent of their investment portfolio, by cutting-out long-term hidden commissions”.

"With Jamā, a newbie or a savvy investor can create a secured financial plan and design investment portfolio to build wealth with no effort"

With access to the best financial advice coupled with analytics to enable correct decision making at the right time, Jamā has developed in-house technology to suggest, track and analyze the investment and provide prompt client service. From the identification and understanding of its customer’s needs, availability of funds, preparing plans to meeting the goals and executing & reviewing the on-going support, Jamā’s financial planning services also allow its customers to check their funds anytime, anywhere using mobile app or website. Further, to ensure data security, it uses 256 bit encryption with highly advanced secure data center with backup and recovery.

Jamā allows its customers to personalize their funds and get in-depth advice along with importing existing mutual fund folios in one-
click, which enables the company to stand apart from its competitors. Under its spectrum of services, solutions for Risk Profiling, Goal Planning, Quick Financial Plan (can be fine-tuned later), Comprehensive Financial Plan, Quarterly Reviews, and Technology Driven Investment Portfolio Insights.

A Secured Tomorrow
But what makes Jamā the investors’ favorite? It is Ram and his team of SEBI registered Investment Advisors who come with a total of 50 year of experience, and the effort they take in making an investment portfolio. The team is responsible for the protection of the investors and provide healthy environment to them, prevention of malpractices and fair & proper function of the plan. The firm’s partnership with several AMCs allows its customers to choose schemes over a wide range. “We research and pick the best from 15,850 schemes. Clients have option to select from the picked, or they can opt for something they prefer. Jamā has partnership with nearly 40 AMCs offering a wide choice,” says Ram.

With over 20,000 customer and Rs.300 crore of their investment assets, Jamā has recorded a substantial revenue growth year-on-year and is planning to become a Centre of Excellence for effective financial planning by bringing flexible investment options with automation of more financial planning activities, and enriching the data analytics to refine & improve raw data. It already has chatbots, which will be further enhanced to answer almost all concerns of the customer using a natural language interface.