KDK Softwares: Redefining GST Compliance via Robust Technology, Quality & Customer DELITE

Kapil Goyal,Managing Director

Kapil Goyal

Managing Director

Despite quality checks and scanning by innumerable financial experts, Indian tax payers accuse taxation tools of being too complex and endorse this responsibility to their CA friends, time and again. Though many categorize this as fear of unknown, not one questions their laidback behavior that initially causes technological hiccups and network breakdown while responding last-minute traffic. With a vision to strengthen professional’s practice through robust technology, KDK Softwares developed an eccentric platform –, to ease the transition from existing taxation to GST compliance, invoicing, return preparation and filing. “When the world is moving to ‘One Nation One Tax’, KDK is all geared up to provide the most comprehensive Solution of GST Filing and make the country a true Digital India for all businesses,” asserts Kapil Goyal, Managing Director, KDK Softwares. He confides that it all has only been possible because of the experience KDK has in Indian Tax Compliance industry.

Ensconced in 2006, this Jaipur-based company emphasizes on quality, world-class human resources and cutting-edge
solutions to effectuate commitments and DELITE customers, an abbreviation for Decision enabler, Excellence, Limitless, Innovation, Taxation domain and Expertise. Hailing this decade old experience, KDK has successfully served 25000+ customers across 100+ cities while targeting CA, CS, TRPs and SMBs and providing round the year assistance and support. Besides, the company excels in proffering on-boarding and webinars for training.

Understanding the data criticality, KDK leaves no loophole for breaches and encrypts the entire data as and when entered, thus no scope for visibility without permission

Simple Compliance, Dynamic Approach – A Design which Helps User Navigates without much Help
Unlike complex software anomalies, KDK’s GSTsoftware involves powerful operations yet simple to understand. Its cloud application feature allows access from any device and provides seamless filings from multi locations with no hardware or maintenance costs. This further allows creation of team logins and rights, the access of which is provided as per the requirements. Simplifying the invoice generation process is Invoice feature that assists professionals to create GST ready invoices in minute, customize it as per business requirements and convert PO into invoice, credit or debit note.
“Colloboration amongst various stake holders like Chartered Accountants, Tax Payers and his vendors/suppliers would be the key for timely and accurate compliance,” adds Kapil.

Observing that many fall under the DFY (Done For You) category than DIY (Do It Yourself), the company provisions professionals and clients with personalized dashboard option that prepares GST returns, accepts and rejects the data as required. This smart dashboard reconciles data with the supplier’s data and confers tax ledgers viewing recourse for seamless functioning. Understanding the data criticality, KDK leaves no loophole for breaches and encrypts the entire data as and when entered, thus no scope for visibility without permission.

Where Every Business is Priority
Kapil also adds that being in the Tax Compliance industry it becomes very imperative to provide services to his client and that’s where KDK stands out. KDK GSTsoftware provides multiple taxation plans where in the professionals can choose the appropriate plan based on their clientele base, hence simplified pricing. With GST compliance modules like Invoice, Compliance and E- Way Bill, tax experts have option to sync their clients data remotely from popular accounting applications and ERP. “Driven by 100+ chartered accountants, programmers and analysts considering GST as the next big technological revolutions, KDK is committed to serve efficiently earmarking client’s business as priority,” signs off Kapil.