Konexions: A Catalyst in Accelerating Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings

Nitin Chopra,Founder & Director

Nitin Chopra

Founder & Director

Scrolling down cash flows, juggling with book-keeping & above all, that struggle to match balance sheet unmistakably has always been a feeling of being on the tip of an iceberg for the accounting segment, occasionally. The repercussions are undoubtedly - variable cost structure, greater complexities & multiple reductions in headcounts. Alleviating the headache of managing such back office activities to help clients derive significant cost savings is Konexions. It delivers innovative, comprehensive & value added Business Process Management (BPM) services by extensively combining domain knowledge, strategic alliances & internal competencies backed up by advanced technologies. Nitin Chopra, Founder & Director, Konexions affirms, “Outsourcing is all about deriving performance. We’re able to provide that performance within a speedy turnaround time. You can call us the McDonalds of the BPO/BPM industry”.

Accounting Numbers at Right Places
Konexions is a pioneer in rendering unmatched BPM services anchoring the target & result on the right place. It provides integration solutions that improve operational efficiency, process management, simplification & optimisation. The company offers finance & accounts outsourcing service for assistance in auditing, allocating vertical oriented budget (and ensuring that they stick to it), systematising salaries, pay-roll management & compliance reduction for constant maneuver. Catering to
telecom, banking & insurance sectors, Konexions offers tailor made solutions like end-to-end account outsourcing, soft & hard collections and contract staffing as per client’s stipulation. The company's employee outsourcing solution effectively relieves its clients from day to day HR operational management issues, saving their time and enabling them to focus on more on strategic and value adding initiatives. Konexions’ dexterity in field outsourcing, end to end tele calling model & business verification process assists its clientele in customer management, data processing & collections.

Catering to telecom, banking & insurance sectors, Konexions offers tailor made solutions like end-to-end account outsourcing, soft & hard collections and contract staffing as per client’s stipulation

While corporates can barely extract 40-50 percent productivity from its employees, Konexions derives 95 percent productivity from its people, which enables it to cut cost that eventually gets transferred to clients. Provided that organisations are under pressure to reduce overhead costs, Konexions proffers accounting outsourcing service with robust technology modules that optimizes their current operational framework and enables them to manage performance, automate workflow and analyze high-end processes . To help people who are deemed ineligible for high category loans, Konexions deploys its credit risk analytic team, which succors customers to take up small loans (from various banks if necessary) & pay it on regular basis; thus improving CIBIL score. Software integration, data integration and overall industry analysis done by its IT team enables Konexions to leverage the industry’s opportunities. This IT
capability coupled with its policies & strictly controlled environment helps it to safeguard the clientele’s data.

Knowing Nitin
Nitin is one of the fastest growing first generation entrepreneur in the country who dropped out of collage to start his company. His romance with BPM started in 2007; thereafter he never looked back. Today Konexions partners with most of the leading banks and telecom companies. Owing to his unswerving passion, Konexions has today grown into an 1100 people strong outsourcing company with 16 development centers spread all across Delhi, NCR. Recording a substantial annual growth of 18 percent, Konexions is in the process of acquiring a few bigwigs as its clients, which will help it to achieve its first milestone of extending its operations all across northern India. The company is soon to launch its back office centre in Siliguri, Assam & aims to hire 2000-5000 executives in the next three years. Nitin wants to grow faster than the industry and he wants to be the best in whatever he does for that he continues to focus on every single process his company executes - sharp at 10 AM every single day he goes through the checklist to ensure zero slippage across processes.

Nitin sees a lot of employable Indians in the age bracket of 18-27 who as per him do not have enough opportunities, and wants to do something for them. He says, “If government supports me with infra and some compliance, I have a plan to generate at least 50,000 jobs in BPM sector”. A big fan of Sunil Bharti Mittal, Nitin follows him to the core. He avers, “If you want to really grow big you need to tie up with some really large entities multi-billion dollar companies. It’s easy to say but extremely challenging as these large corporations generally do not allow small companies. You need to really persuade them, show them your strong governance and then only they allow you to work for the them”.