Law Protectors IPR Services: A True Asset Protector

 Rushikesh Shingade,  Joint Managing Director

Rushikesh Shingade

Joint Managing Director

In today’s increasingly knowledge driven economy, Intellectual Property (IP) is considered as a crucial asset for daily business decisions. IP plays pivotal role in enterprises’ success where it helps them increase their competitiveness in commercializing goods/services. However, identifying, evaluating, enforcing, and protecting IP is a complex procedure in the Indian landscape, which put companies on the back foot while making it tough for them to attain the full potential of their IP. Hence, a helping hand from experienced and specialized IP consultant can go a long way in simplifying the otherwise daunting procedures.

Pune based Law Protectors IPR Services was established in 2007 with a vision to provide world class legal services as well as protect/safeguard intellectual creativity and other innovative exertions related to IP for individuals and service & industrial sectors. This full service LLP consultant handles any kind of IPR service, be it patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs or litigation and aims to render client friendly IP services at affordable cost. Indeed, Law Protectors has forged a stellar reputation by standing with its
clients through thick and thin. “The Journey of Law protectors(proprietary firm) to Law Protectors IPR Consultant LLP has been tremendously challenging & we have overcome all the hurdles to meet the success in IPR sector,”professes Rushikesh Shingade, Partner, Law Protectors IPR Services.

Gaining clientele trust & confidence is more important to us,so we don’t only offer efficient services to them, but we commit ourselves to them

Client Friendly Consulting Services
The venture always puts clients’ needs at the centre and deploys solution oriented approach in order to render service from inception of their business unit. Besides assisting clients in various IPR matters including incomplete & unsatisfactory work and litigation and arranging flexible meeting according to their timing, Law Protectors also updates them about their ongoing IP process via customized IPR based software, there by rendering them utmost professionalism, all the while enhancing overall customer experience. Atop, its customized mobile app has made services more flexible & one of easy digital source for customers.

Law Protectors is constantly improvising through new & flexible strategies and easily handling/guiding case as well as clients through its proper case study & experience along with dynamic approach that has also
flourished & expanded its reach in IPR sector. The company that focuses on providing clients right direction not just promotes IPR related articles on digital platforms(social media) but also organizes various conferences meeting in association with CA/advocate firms/other industry experts in order to update existing clients with new IPR rules & laws and create awareness among populace about IPR services. “Gaining clientele trust & confidence is more important to us, so we don’t only offer efficient services to them, but we commit ourselves to them. The only rule we follow is transparent consultancy, commitment towards client & their satisfaction,” avers Shailesh Jain, Partner, Law Protectors IPR Services.

Ambitious Venture
Law Protectors IP’s foundation and true value is thus its team’s deep technical expertise on current and emerging technologies. These experts maintain effective & continuous interaction with clients, provides feedback (if required) and always strive to improve the quality of services with flexible approach and feedbacks. Thanks to its industrial know-how, years of experience and dedicated team that enables Law Protectors to serve 19000+ clients ingarment, pharmaceuticals, R&D, construction, hospitality and education sectors with utmost transparency.

This ambitious firm which has grown from Rs.5 lakh in revenue to Rs.3.8 crore in 11 years is now looking to expand its footprint in more Indian states. Currently, Law Protectors has branch offices in nineteen major Indian cities and plans to spread its wings in other major metros of the countries.