LeanFlo Inc: Building Businesses through Quality and Affordable CFO Services

Harshdeep Rapal, Founder&CEO,Subir Mitra, Founder&COO

Harshdeep Rapal, Founder&CEO

Subir Mitra, Founder&COO

Bob Shanks, the CFO of Ford once said, "Operating a global business in a fast-changing world, you have to be grounded real-time in the external environment, have complete transparency, befact based, and working with a great, collaborative team." Since, there have been so many changes in the business sector because of changing RoC Compliances, Tax Laws and Accounting Standards; a company definitely needs legal and CFO services that go well with the changing requirements such as registrations, licences, I-T filing and other services. In case of SMEs, the situation is worse as many of them find it difficult to hire a permanent CA or a Lawyer. Headquartered in Noida and with presence in major cities in India, LeanFlo Inc. is addressing the stumbling blocks of prevailing businesses by providing quality driven Virtual CFO services that are backed with expert insights.

With the founding team comprising of Harshdeep Rapal, a serial entrepreneur who thinks out-of-box and exhibits true entrepreneur spirit; LeanFlo Inc. has successfully managed to show tremendous upgrade in its performance and
services Technology, Marketing and many more. services within a few months of its launch. Incorporated in April 2017, LeanFlo affirmatively extends an arm to their client's business and takes care of all their RoC Compliances, CFO requirements, Technology, Marketing and many more.

Explaining the reason for existence, Harshdeep remarks, "Most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult to hire Technology, Marketing, Accounting, HR and other support teams in-house at early stages. At LeanFlo, we focus on 'owning' majority of in-house services that small businesses do not want keep in-house and let the client focus on their core business.”

“Right from acquiring the customer to supporting them with our services, we follow an online-to-offline (O2O) approach. O2O is the best delivery model in today’s cloud based environment, and it becomes all the more relevant for professional services companies like us”, adds Subir Mitra, Co-Founder and COO, LeanFlo Inc. “We take complete ownership of the services we offer, so that our clients can focus just on their core business model,” complements Harshdeep.

LeanFlo operates efficiently on a Hub and Spoke model, catering to manufacturing as well as services sectors, and a significant number of their clients are from e-commerce industry. The major services of the firm are categorized as One-time Services like Company Registration, Trademark, Licensing and MCA Certifications; and Recurring Services such as I-TR filing, GST filing, Book-Keeping, Digital Marketing and so on. Additionally,
LeanFlo also provides Services that are essential for a company’s growth - such as assistance in raising debt from financial institutions, raising equity funding, preparing pitch deck and financial plans, and connecting to the right set of investors. While choosing online platform as a primary business model, LeanFlo faced some challenges; but the management’s know-how helped them overcome the challenges by introducing a team of Customer Success Managers (CSM), who would provide solutions face-to-face against online enquiries made by an organization / institution.

As a one-stop-solution for startups and small businesses, LeanFlo has productively served more than 300 customers during its nascent stage and it is on its way to cross INR 1 Cr revenue by March 2018. Harshdeep delineates that a major part of LeanFlo’s success can be attributed to the firm’s flat organizational hierarchy and international approach towards service execution. The firm follows a work culture similar to Silicon Valley startups where innovation as well as merit is rewarded instead of number of years of experience or numbers of degrees in one’s resume.

Registering a remarkable growth within one year of inception, LeanFlo looks forward to strengthening their presence across major cities in India and then move to South East Asia and Middle East. Currently, creating SaaS based function-specific products and instituting automation, LeanFlo is also partnering with start-up incubation centres of prominent B-schools in India.