Madras Accountancy: Empowering Companies with Comprehensive High-end Financial Services

Balaji Manohar,FounderMaintaining a company's accounts is a key vertical. Because financial operations are such an important part of a company's long-term success, it's natural to think that the finance and accounting structure should be kept in-house so that the owners can keep control. Finance and accounting, on the other hand, are so important to an organization's financial stability that decision-makers should feel compelled to outsource them. A company's financial records must be kept up to date on a regular basis. It tells the financial story, highlighting successes while revealing flaws. This transparency, on the other hand, is critical for making a well-informed decision. With precise financial and accounting records, one can determine how to reinvest in their business based on cash on hand and anticipated charges that could affect cash flow.

Since the finance and accounting function's structure is so important to the company's success and growth, it requires correct paperwork and records, processing, proper assistance, formal procedures, and financial controls. Unfortunately, not many firms, especially those in rapid growth, have the time, experience, or leadership to ensure that their finance and accounting departments keep them competitive. Furthermore, high turnover, obsolete systems, a lack of experienced inhouse finance professionals, and a lack of funds to recruit a strategic CFO might jeopardize a company's valuation. Outsourced accounting service providers can fill in the gaps by customizing their services and offering clients the financial services they require.

One such renowned international Certified Public Accounting and management consulting firm with offices in Glendale, California, and Chennai, India formed in 2015 by CPA Balaji Manohar is Madras Accountancy. The firm is dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and is committed to assisting them with their tax and accounting needs in the most expedient manner possible. It is focused on prioritizing the needs of its clients and earning the trust of its global clients. "At Madras Accountancy, we take pride in stressing reliability, consistency, and efficiency in order to provide outstanding accounting and taxation services to our clients at a reasonable price. We believe that our customers should never have to make a choice between quality and cost cutting,” signifies Balaji Manohar.

Tax, Bookkeeping, Business Management and Audit Services Under One Roof
Financial management is one of the major difficulties that prevent a company from growing as quickly as it would like. That is, one simply cannot put the figures together to determine where their greatest dangers and possibilities lie in the future, much alone the path to financial health and prosperity. During the usual course of business, companies frequently require additional financial leadership and staff, sometimes for an indefinite period of time. When that time comes, they'll need employees who can not only comprehend the complexities of their
financial plan but also drive process change through proven industry expertise.

Madras Accountancy's CFO services are tailored to meet the needs of its clients, allowing them to manage accounting issues with ease and focus on their business. Clients that use Madras Accountancy's CFO services can get timely financial intelligence to help them fuel and accelerate their business growth by converting accurate numbers into financial metrics. Madras Accountancy's team of specialists uses the power of quantitative and qualitative analytics to give financial intelligence, key performance indicators, and actionable insights into the business to help clients make informed decisions. The outsourced CFO services delivered by the firm include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Billing Revenue, Bookkeeping, Financial statement preparation, Payroll, and Payroll Tax, Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation, Property Tax Filing, Sales & Use Tax Filing, Business License, Short and Long-Term Forecasting, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Analysis & Restructuring.

Madras Accountancy picks its clients carefully and repudiates doing patchwork of bookkeeping or keeping tax returns and is very specific about it from day one itself. Significantly, the firm places itself in the clients’ shoes, takes full ownership of their requirements and provides high-end services

Significantly, its array of services for CPA firms includes end-to-end Tax Return Services, Bookkeeping Services, and Business Management, Audit and Assurance, Payroll Management, Tax Planning, Outsourcing, and Capacity-Add with Certified Public Accountants. Madras Accountancy also offers customized solutions and services to its clients all over the world. Further, for businesses, Madras Accountancy provides bulk return filing for corporate and individual accounts. The firm's intake procedure begins with one of its CPAs structuring work on returns for several entities. In tandem with the tax attorney's recommendations, Madras Accountancy handles high-volume files with ease. As a large firm, it is also able to provide industry-leading work, quickly, and at a lower cost than the competitors.

An Edge over the Others
Madras Accountancy strives to operate as a firm's back office, providing end-to-end services. When a final product is sent to the end-user, it is already a finished job, as opposed to other players in the market who simply prepare and send the returns, which must be reviewed in detail and finished before being delivered to the customer. When it comes to its clientele, the company intends to concentrate on a specific niche in which it functions as a back office. Madras Accountancy picks its clients carefully and repudiates doing patchwork of bookkeeping or keeping tax returns and is very specific about it from day one itself. Significantly, the firm places itself in the clients’ shoes, takes full ownership of their requirements and provides high-end services.

Madras Accountancy is an employee-oriented firm where in it strives to provide the best working environment for its employees. The firm lays its emphasis on hiring fresher and the most appropriate candidate wherein it interviews more than 20 candidates to hire one employee since the firm believes in doing things right the first time. Its in-service is as good as the preparer since the firm doesn’t believe in or have the mentality that if the preparer makes a mistake, the reviewer will catch that.

When a potential client approaches Madras Accountancy, it tries to set up a dedicated team for them. or that one CPA or that one CPA office, the same team works as a result, they establish a relationship with them, and there is a learning curve because the same people execute the work time and again. Also, the firm ensures to train all its employees and keep them aligned with the changing market dynamics. “We are devoted to investing in the growth and development of our employees at Madras Accountancy. We provide extensive learning and development opportunities for employees at various stages of their careers, as well as continual learning activities that will benefit them both professionally and personally,” signifies Balaji Manohar.

The road ahead
Since its inception in 2015, Madras Accountancy has grown multifold and has carved a niche for itself in the market. The firm is working closely with association for accounting firms, having hundreds of CPA firms as members, to become a member in order to assist those firms. Currently, it is concentrating on a small number of organizations as the firm believes in building a long-term relationship with them as opposed to working with multiple clients just once. And as it forges ahead, the firm is keenly looking forward to expanding its workforce and business.