Shah & Shah Group: Where Seasoned Experts Provide Life-Changing Experience to Win Their Trust

Hitesh Shah,   CEOIn the dynamic heart of Mumbai’s financial landscape, where India’s economic pulse beats strongest, mutual funds have emerged as a pivotal avenue for investors seeking growth and stability while beating inflation. Over the years, their appeal has surged, fueled by a growing recognition of their capacity for wealth generation and risk management. According to AMFI, India’s mutual fund assets under management have more than doubled from Rs.23.80 trillion to Rs.53.40 trillion in the past 5 years, showcasing the sector’s remarkable growth.

This impressive expansion is driven by several factors, including increased financial literacy, the push for digital transactions, and favorable regulatory frameworks. Furthermore, the rapid digitization of financial services in India has made mutual funds more accessible to the tech-savvy younger generation, expanding the investor base beyond traditional urban centers to smaller towns and rural areas. Leading this flourishing domain is Hitesh Shah, a figure characterized by his understated demeanor yet remarkable foresight.

Bringing Forth Decades Of Excellence

With over six decades of industry experience and three generations in this business, Shah & Shah Group is one of the leading Mutual fund distributors who help investors navigate through the complexities of the mutual fund industry and aid them in making informed investment decisions. A journey that began with life insurance products in 1959 and forayed into Mutual fund distribution by 2013 has never compromised on providing exemplary service to its clients. With a steadfast belief in lifelong client relationships, the company prioritizes clients’ interests, acknowledging and respecting each client’s unique requirements, aspirations, and risk appetite.

This commitment is underscored by providing insightful incidental advice and significantly contributing to their financial journey. “We prioritize postsales service and aim to enhance the experience of every client we serve. Our approach has led to steady growth, with around 15 percent of new clients joining us each year through referrals provided by our satisfied clients”, says Hitesh Shah, CEO. The company boasts a diverse clientele spanning the globe, predominantly located in the UAE, with additional representation in Europe and North America.

Shah & Shah Group provides a life-changing customer service experience to all its clients, and through the firm’s personal touch with families, the company also aims to create ties that last for generations. The products that the firm offers are not unique to it, but the service it provides is what makes the company stand out. “We assist clients in managing their behavior and emotions during market volatility, offering data-backed information to educate them on long-term investment strategies through a process driven approach. Additionally, we conduct periodic portfolio reviews to assess the alignment of their risk profile with their current portfolio”, says Hitesh Shah.

Shah & Shah not only focus on financial investments but also emphasize on non-financial aspects that are crucial for clients’ investments and succession planning, all
while adhering to regulatory requirements. To achieve this, the firm’s team conducts Non-Financial Portfolio Reviews periodically, covering updates such as changes in address, nominees, contact details, residential status, and transitions from minor to major status, as well as KYC validation and updates. They extend these services to include investments not held with Shah & Shah, ensuring comprehensive support for its clients’ needs.

Shah & Shah Group upholds the highest standards of ethics & compliance, maintaining a zero-tolerance policy on mis-selling & promoting transparency in all client interactions

Team Dynamics

The firm’s team of 10 dedicated relationship managers and a dedicated customer service team are responsible for client engagement and management. Queries and service requests are seamlessly passed on to the dedicated customer service team, who diligently support the relationship managers in addressing client needs promptly. “I believe in creating a growth fostering community within the firm where all our employees put in efforts to upskill themselves that help them serve their clients more efficiently. Knowledge management plays a key role in managing client expectations in an ever evolving industry. Our unique approach to client management where a team of two; one Relationship Manager, shadowed by a Senior Director, ensuring service continuity”, shares Hitesh Shah. The company’s seasoned team provides the clients with doorstep service and carries capabilities to execute transactions digitally. The company utilizes its internal & external expertise to facilitate training and development across various skills within the team.

Shah & Shah Group upholds the highest standards of ethics and compliance, maintaining a zero-tolerance policy on mis-selling and promoting transparency in all client interactions. Significant time and resources are invested in educating and spreading financial awareness among investing communities. The firm’s priorities focus on service quality over sales targets, striving to minimize client complaints and ensuring a pleasant journey for every client. “Even today we service insurance policies issued more than five decades ago and we pride ourselves on zero client attrition due to dissatisfaction. Our satisfied clients help us add about 300-400 families through their referrals. We focus on providing peace of mind for our clients during their investment journey”, shares Hitesh Shah. This dedication to ethical practices and exceptional service has solidified the firm’s reputation, fostering enduring relationships with clients that span generations.

•Shah & Shah has been our mutual fund distributor for over 10 years. We are very happy to have found this awesome team who we feel confident entrusting them with our portfolio. We have traveled this path together and they have constantly reassessed our risk profile and needs, helping us navigate through the economics of life. It’s more than investing and it’s more than money and returns. The clarity and reliable guidance that the team brings to the table instill trust and reflect integrity and professional conduct in every meeting. Hitesh Shah and their team have gone above and beyond our expectations offering clear guidance towards meeting our financial goals. - Rajesh Adhikary, Partner at Transced Ventures

•I have been doing investments through Shah & Shah for nearly 7 years now. Their approach is principle and service-based. I was looking for long-term investments. I am highly satisfied with their approach as I continue to invest in Mutual Funds with them through the SIP route. What is good is that they not only review the portfolio regularly but are always available for investment discussions. I have also recommended S&S to my friends. Big thank you to Hitesh Shah and Neha for being mutual fund distributors for me and my family. - Nevil Kavrana

•We have been dealing with Shah & Shah for more than a decade for our investments and they really stand out as a company, whose prime focus is Customer Service. Through the years, they have won our confidence and have given us a life-changing experience in our investment journey. - Nagendra Anantraj Acharya, Chairman & MD at Associated Chemicals

•We met Hitesh through a friend. We blindly requested him to guide us with our investments which was hardly anything. 8 years later we can say it has been one of our best decisions. What strikes us as the most important factor is the attitude & approach of Shah & his staff. They have been brilliant regardless of the quantum of our investments. From our experience, we can say it is a very rare quality amongst financial distributors and experts. Another highlight is there is no pressure on clients to take on anything beyond their risk appetite. No unwanted sales talk. Again, a unique quality & basis of trust for the clients. Clients can be assured of the most sincere, honest & appropriately lucrative incidental advice. - K. B. Venkat, CIO at Intertrust Group