mysharedcfo: Customized Outsourced CFO Solutions

Piyush Garg,Founder

Manish Gupta, Co-founder
Piyush Garg, Founder

New Delhi headquartered mysharedcfo, a professional financial advisory firm offering shared CFO services to several companies provides the services of a CFO and is actively involved in the structuring of business transactions, solution formulation and compliance monitoring. “The services rendered by traditional consulting firms are typically of passive advisors i.e. if the business problems are referred to them, they may offer a solution. The disadvantage of this approach is that if you are unable to identify a shortcoming in the way a transactions is done, it might lead to a loss /non-compliance in future. Our active involvement within the organization makes sure that the issues which need attention at the time of its occurrence and solution is formed in timely manner,” says Piyush Garg, Founder.

Unlike other CFO service providers, mysharedcfo does not believe in body shop or switch on - switch off model. The team engages with the client on a continuous basis through the use of e-mails and
other collaboration tools and offers them the comfort of a CFO being available as and when needed instead of being available only on select days (even if they are paying for a limited time of shared CFO). Team mysharedcfo consists of CAs, CSs and MBAs with diverse experience across industries, verticals, domains coming together to render CFO services to SME segment. “We have the expertise to design, implement and maintain highly efficient processes in finance function. We work for several companies taking away their compliance headaches,” mentions Manish.

"What makes mysharedcfo gain a competitive edge among others is the depth of business knowledge of its team and the ability to translate these into accounting and compliance language"

What makes mysharedcfo gain a competitive edge among others is the depth of business knowledge of its team and the ability to translate these into accounting and compliance language. Piyush informs, “We realize the importance of the virtual CFOs to understand the business needs and their ability to cater to these needs whether in terms of generating accounting intelligence or creating systems and process. We continuously train our CFOs on these aspects to stay relevant to our clients.” The company strives to add to the team size and train them to use the technology tools to deliver the client needs in an effective and timely manner.

The Ideation of mysharedcfo
The ideation of
took shape keeping in mind the dire need of consultancies that could guide organizations while setting up new businesses and also helping to scale up their business processes to funding and scale up stage. “In our experience over the last decade or so, we have observed that SMEs have struggled primarily in areas of Transaction Structuring, Compliance Monitoring, Data Completion and Analytics for Faster Decision Making. The genesis of was to cater to such needs,” he asserts.

mysharedcfo’s role in the past several years have started from defining the client needs and make them understand what is needed for their future growth. It conducts a detailed interview of clients before accepting any assignment and during this process, the team makes the clients understand their needs and clear their thought process for growth targets. “We have developed the expertise to separate out the relatively low skill tasks from the expert knowledge based tasks. The low skill tasks are done by a well trained back office team with the help of automated tools whereas only the high skill tasks are performed by professionals such as CAs and MBAs thereby reducing the billed time of experts per organization thereby reducing the cost for the clients,” he adds.

In a nutshell, the company has grown at a healthy rate over the years. “With the upcoming opportunity in the virtual CFO space, we expect to grow at a fast pace in next three years,” he concludes.