Narnolia Financial Advisors: A Robust, Personalized, & Goal-Oriented Financial Planning Platform

Keval Bhanushali,CEO, Broking & Distribution

Today, the financial advisory space remains a wild west of complex schemes. Albeit most of the financial websites are embracing technology swiftly, they are inadequate to leverage the technology to chock-full to deliver the level of personalization that can serve clients’ interests. Ergo, they are powerless to assist the client in identifying the flames of confusion. Pervading this gap is Narnolia Financial Advisors, a two-decade old research & advisory company leveraging its expertise to seamlessly integrate technology with clients’ interests, and provide customized services suiting their financial goals.

Goal Mapping
What makes Narnolia stand-out is its robust personalized technology platform which is a Mobile App & Desktop Version as well that is guided by ‘Do-Research’, ‘Get-Research’, and ‘Contact-Research’ features. The ‘Do-Research’ enables an investor to see all the technical charts & indicators, Quant score, ESPS (developed by Narnolia’s in-house research team), read all the past management calls & their excerpts, and more by just entering stock’s name. Furthermore, through ‘Get-Research’, client can access all the research calls & reports, and in-house
view on stocks, through ‘Contact-Research’ he/she gets personalized one-on-one guidance by its dedicated advisory desk. This whole process is monitored by a single manager, thereby avoiding any incongruity.

"Narnolia is a great resource to clients & prospects due to the scope of resources it provides, including a range of products in Model Funds comprising 12 funds"

Narnolia is a great resource to clients & prospects due to the scope of resources it provides, including a range of products in Model Funds comprising 12 funds like Mutual Funds, Direct Equity & Hybrid fund (combination of multiple asset class) with investment starting from Rs.3 lakh. For instance, its flagship PMS Fund that has generated a CAGR of 23.1 percent in just five years, India 3T, a proprietary multi-cap fundamental & quantitative model that processes multiple years of P/L, BS & cash flow data of companies to identify midcap biased stocks. “Our research model has a framework of QQTDE, i.e., Quantitative, Qualitative, Technical, Derivatives and Event & News thus capturing the entire gamut of research,” says Keval Bhanushali, CEO, Broking & Distribution, Narnolia Financial Advisors. Moreover, Narnolia has an exclusive derivative strategy desk that focuses on derivative opportunities & strategy for high-frequency traders. These astute investment strategies focus heavily on risk mitigation and enable it to balance the risk.

Utilizing Technology
Ensuring data safety, this government-complaint company
encrypts, and regularly updates data through its cutting-edge datacentre, which is backed by a separate DRS (disaster recovery sight) to address any natural calamity. This data centre houses all its 12 software that include Narnolia mobile trading & investment App, Smart Advisory Dashboard, Business Partner mobile app, CRM, 24x7 BO, and VIDHUR (a comprehensive Wealth report across all asset class for its investors). These software help clients to have consolidated tax, PL across all asset class including equity, PMS, model funds, real estate, and more.

Thanks to this nonpareil model, Narnolia’s AUCM surged from Rs.450 crore to Rs.10,000 crore in five years with overall AUM & PMS (direct, indirect & broker channel) of Rs.1100 crore, and is targeting to make it Rs.5000 crore in the next three years. The company having 800+ employee strength serves 300,000+ clients, 300 offices & 30+ institutions, and is aiming to enhance these numbers by building a client-driven neutral advisory to help Indians create wealth and promote financial inclusions in India. Narnolia is building an AI-driven personalized advisory module and is also launching a knowledge centre to enable the millennial to learn about investing. “We are highly focused on the complete 360-degree Financial Advisory and not just recommendation or aggregation of all products. We shall soon be launching country’s first Insurance advisory & a Model Portfolio that would be diversified across every essential financial asset class and is monitored/altered timely by a qualified advisor,” concludes Keval.