Outsourced Bookkeeping: Offering 360 Degree Services For An End-To-End Solution

Sunil Khullar,Founder and MD

Sunil Khullar

Founder and MD

Today, irrespective of industry verticals, majority of companies intend to outsource or continue to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping requirements to encompass additional functions. There are many benefits of the same, from helping firms grow faster and stronger sustainably, cutting overhead by paying only for actual work done, reducing the risks of suddenly losing staff, to improving productivity and work quality, and offering clients with better quality service, among others.

However, the truth is that it does not matter how great the chosen service provider is when you need access to really fast records and communication. Challenges and needs are communicated across a distance, sometimes forcing you to deal with a time zone difference.

This is where Outsourced Bookkeeping with its 16 years of industry experience comes to the fore. Outsourced Bookkeeping provides a 360 degree solution to their client's accounting and bookkeeping requirements. From accounting, taxes, to IT set up or payroll, and managerial advice, they act as an extension to their own workplace helping them prosper and grow big with us.

The company has been catering to clients in the USA from all walks of life, in the last 16 years. Different Industries have been served to its fullest and significant experience gained for working in different industries. 16 Years into the industry, we have gained significant experience working with almost every software there was, is or will be relevant in the future. To name a few our specialization entails to NetSuite ERP, SAP, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, R365,, Propertyware, EasyAcct, Accounting Relief, Sage in the United States and Caseware, Quickbooks, Zoho for Canada," signifies Sunil Khullar, Founder and MD at Outsourced Bookkeeping.

"We have one of the finest accountants specializing in both regular and AI enabled Accounts Payable Processing for big Restaurant Chains and Property Management Corporations. Our well qualified and experienced team of accountants handle Property Management corporations with more than thousands of properties every day, from Payables Processing, to Receivables Management to document processing, thus providing them skilled manpower on an incredibly simple, scalable and transparent basis for their unique and complex requirements and saving them crucial overheads while providing them the best resources to handle their work," adds Sunil.

Bringing the needed Expertise
With a huge emphasis on abiding by every single law of the states, ensuring data security, processing returns on US based servers, their skilled tax preparers specialize in programs entailing Intuit Proseries, Proconnect, ATX Tax, Drakes etc. Thus ensuring proper disposal of all personal information shared by the client.

Sunil further explained that as the time difference between India and all the time zones of the US is typically more than 10 hours, their overnight bookkeeping services suit their USA clients very well. The task sent
by the client in the USA at the end of their day is picked by them in the morning here in India. It is completed and kept ready with a status report in their inbox by 9.00 AM EST. That way, USA businesses work 24 hours a day, thereby adding to their efficacy and turnaround time.

Leadership Role at the Right Hands
If we speak about Sunil Khullar, he is a Chartered Accountant by profession with 25 years into the financial industry. He is no stranger to any aspect of the world's financial structures and is using his specializations and expertise to make the company the best positioned in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. With his leadership and guidance, Outsourced Bookkeeping today is evidently in a great position to make inroads and growth in this particular segment.

Delivering a Seamless Digital Transition
One of Outsourced Bookkeeping main highlights and USP is its accounts set up and transition services. The company has been significantly helping its clients with older accounting ways and softwares to seamlessly transition themselves to better cloud based and AI enabled softwares with expert level guidance and recommendations on every aspect of their accounting process. From constructing a better and inclusive chart of accounts to choosing the best accounting program for them as per their individual needs, while also providing them real time insights into the best practices upheld for many years for getting things up and moving seamlessly for a long time. As these services require a lot of time into the client's environment and acting as client's top team to patiently get things done. Arguably, almost no company in this eco space has the capability as such till date.

Our qualified team of professionals are seamlessly helping corporates in transitioning and integrating India's legal requirements with the world's leading softwares such as Quickbooks Online, Netsuite ERP, SAP, and Hubdoc

"Technology has a very fundamental role to play in Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing. As the world today recuperates from a ravaging COVID 19 pandemic which has shaken up the whole world to its core, we at Outsourced Bookkeeping have well embraced AI based tools into our arsenal. Partnering with advanced machine learning programs like Hubdoc and Plate IQ, we now offer fully automated solutions for data such as bills, invoices to get through our clients' system with minimal human effort while ensuring the best document storage and organization," highlights Sunil.

"Our team ensures that the flow of the process is maintained and continuously monitoring, approving and correcting the data input. Even with the most advancements, our take on AI would be something that aids human operations and ensures pin point accuracy and efficiency for a human and not eliminating the human," he adds.

A Support to Make in India Movement
Outsourced Bookkeeping has been working for years with CFO's of big corporates, CPA's, Financial Advisors around the world, and have accumulated practices in and around the world. Thus, their work entailing business consultancy coupled with AI enabled accounting and IT can get corporations in India a head start with what works in this world and what does not.

"Our solutions, based on real time experiences and well measured benefits that they offer to a business and not any textbook or ever changing trend based fads. Our qualified team of professionals are seamlessly helping corporates in transitioning and integrating India's legal requirements with the world's leading softwares such as Quickbooks Online, Netsuite ERP, SAP, and Hubdoc," explains Sunil.

"Startups can get aligned with this world effortlessly partnering with us with expertise in US GAAP, thus helping them ensure their reporting at par with world level since your reporting is your gateway to better investors," he further explains.

Building a Digitally Assured Remote Working for Companies
With corona driven pandemic creating a transition towards remote working, more and more businesses are looking for remote solutions for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Even the traditional businesses have now started looking for Outsourced Bookkeeping and its deep rooted expertise plans to tap the sentiment and look for growth opportunities in coming years. Outsourced Bookkeeping has provided the support to all its existing clients, especially in these ties of pandemic.

"We have performed, even when the employees of US businesses were not able to attend their offices. We ensure continuity of the businesses of our clients. New experiences were gained by our clients and Outsourced Bookkeeping as well how to ensure business continuity in adverse circumstances,” he concludes.