PayTabs: A Streamlined & Secure Platform for Indian Merchants to Get Paid in Multiple Currencies

Abdulaziz Alijouf, Founder & CEO

Abdulaziz Alijouf

Founder & CEO

Though the digital payment and e-Commerce market in India are expected to grow by $460 billion and $102.8 billion respectively by 2020, the international customers are still shy of deploying the Indian merchant services as they face payment anomalies due to the lack of the multi currency facility & robust digital infrastructure. However, this scenario can be turned around by deploying PayTabs, a global payment processing platform specializing in 160+ currencies that yield a higher acceptance rate from customers worldwide, thus helping Indian merchants transact in multi-currency seamlessly.

With a predominant focus on online export of traditional Indian merchandise, PayTabs is offering small and medium merchants the opportunity to sell & receive payments online through a seamless platform, marquee solutions, with zero brokerage and a high success rate. Abdulaziz Al Jouf, Founder and CEO, PayTabs, states, “With our platform designed to support all business models, we are accelerating Indian exports through cross border trade by offering the right digital solution”.
A Diverse Offering
With around 43 percent of online transactions done via alternate payment options worldwide, PayTabs’ platform enables Indian sellers to receive payments through multiple channels like Visa, MasterCard and many more. This will help the merchant mould him self as per the requirements of the customers worldwide and expand his global network efficiently and economically. More over, if a company/merchant tends to handle payments involving a third party, PayTabs helps them through its Adaptive Payment service. Deploying this, users can make their business universally accessible and make it easier for the stakeholders to receive payment accordingly, minus the hassle. The 24/7 customer support, and a seller protection & a dedicated dispute team also ensures a streamlined experience and overlooks the entire procedure in case of any issue.

With around 43 percent of online transactions done via alternate payment options worldwide, PayTabs’ platform enables Indian sellers to receive payments through multiple channels

PayTabs’ e-Invoicing PayPage generates and sends an invoice to customers through a SMS or email, while its iFrame being a seamless one page checkout process, needs no redirection.
Users can integrate PayTabs into their mobile app by using Android & iOS SDKs. Embedded with advanced fraud protection, and global access, it is no wonder that some of the biggest fashion merchants, largest shopping carts and many other players from HORECA (Hospital, Hotel, Restaurants & Catering) and GUIE (Government, Utility, Insurance and Education) shake hands with PayTabs as its payment partner. The clutter of the transaction methodology is also sorted by powering the user with a single and secured merchant ID for all payment methods and funnels. All of these ensures a better transaction success rate (>95 percent for cards and 99 percent with Alternate Payment Methods).

Security is Paramount
Since PayTabs bears transaction of substantial amount of money every day, the team makes it imperative that the platform is secured with PCI-DSS V1 3.2 & adheres to all central government regulations while following the anti money laundering policy within the organization. “PCI-DSS compliance certification has also been given to our Indian operations and currently we are in the process of applying for OPGSP license through an Authorized Dealer Bank, as mandated by RBI,” adds Siddharth.

A recipient of Enterprise Agility Achiever Award, Forbes Middle East's ‘50 Most Promising Saudi Startups 2016’ Award and several others, this Bahrain based organisation enjoys a monthly growth rate of 30 percent. The company is currently working on Blockchain for payment distribution, and an Omni Channel Payment Platform, apart from Offline to Online Commerce enablement.