Pier Counsel: A One-Stop Shop for Diverse Legal Solutions

Anand Kumar,Managing Partner

Anand Kumar

Managing Partner

Companies today generate revenue and employment, and they contribute to the growth of economies. Business is rarely bound by geographical borders and big businesses are often global. To survive, businesses must adhere to all local, international, and business regulations. Compliance requires a thorough knowledge of the regulations and ignorance of the law is not an excuse. To stay out of legal pitfalls it makes sense to seek out expert, well informed, and reliable legal advice. Pier Counsel is among the highly experienced law firms providing quality services.

Established in 2007, with its’ offices located in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, Pier Counsel is headed by Anand Kumar and is managed by a team of thirteen key personnel. Pier counsel is a specialized law firm catering to the needs of organizations irrespective of their size. Pier Counsel’s lawyers are well experienced and possess extensive domain knowledge. They can relate to the needs of the clients with ease. The company provides its services to both Indian and international companies.

Boutique for Legal Services
Pier Counsel provides comprehensive legal advice on litigation, regulatory, advisory, and transactional matters. The company is specialized in matters relating to venture capital, corporate and commercial equity, seed funding, private equity, intellectual property, data privacy, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. Pier Counsel also handles issues related to mergers and acquisitions, litigation and alternate dispute resolution, startup advisory, e-commerce, online gaming, fintech, secretarial compliance, and corporate restructuring. It also functions as a general
corporate advisory and an outside general counsel.

Lawyers at Pier Counsel come from diverse and specialized backgrounds. They interact with some of the brightest minds in the business world and play a crucial role in the growth of client companies. Pier Counsel proactively engages with clients to pre-empt business risks. Some of Pier Counsel’s clients have even attained ‘Unicorn’ status. The innovative path, taken by Pier Counsel, makes it conspicuous among its peers.

Pier Counsel, with its innovative approach, ensures that clients are provided with a satisfactory solution to their problems expeditiously

Pier counsel has been featured as an award winning law firm by the Indian Business Law Journal in 2021 and 2022. The company has also been acclaimed by the Venture Capital Review.

Taking a customer centric Approach
Pier Counsel, with its innovative approach, ensures that clients are provided with a satisfactory solution to their problems expeditiously. Pier Counsel maintains an array of pre-vetted specimen contracts in digital form. After preliminary discussions, the company presents the appropriate specimen contract to the client. The client and the company only need to agree on a few modifications before finalizing the draft. The process saves time for both the company and the client. The company also utilizes virtual meetings as a method of engaging with clients. Online meetings proved to be particularly beneficial during the pandemic.

Pier Counsel has advised or represented big firms such as CitiMall, TATA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Akatsuki, CoinDCX, Unicorn India Ventures, Artha Venture Fund, ShopKirana, Genrobotics, IncubateFund, HobSpace, Beyond Next Ventures, Unicorn India Ventures, Doubtnut, and several others.

Pier Counsel provides legal advice and support to startups. Some of these have been acquired by global companies. Acquisition of Little Eye Labs by Facebook and Free charge by Snapdeal are a few of the success stories.

Pier Counsel banks on professionalism, perseverance commitment, creativity, experience, and expertise. The core values of the company are pragmatism, consistency, integrity, and excellence. The values are reflected in every engagement with its’clients.

Pier Counsel aspires to become a leading cross advisory law firm. It plans to automate legal drafting to the extent possible. It intends to free lawyers from the routine work of drafting contracts and allow them more time for analysis.