Pioneer Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers: A Comprehensive Insurance & Reinsurance Broker with Superior Customer Servicing

Sathish Mathur,CEOInsurance as an effective risk transfer tool is steadily scaling in terms of prominence across the risk management process, as the insurance intermediaries are constantly aiding the traction across the corporate and retail segments. While risk mitigation and transfer are the focus areas across the corporate world, keeping a tab of various risks and having a risk management strategy is the need of the hour. Envisioning to create a distinctive identity within the industry as a comprehensive insurance and reinsurance broker, providing superior customer services, Pioneer Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers(PINC Insurance) aims to grow towards being one of the premium brokers. Headquartered in Mumbai, PINC Insurance was established in 2002 with a mission to offer dedicated solutions, as trusted allies to the clients' strategic insurance needs. Apart from being a corporate insurance advisor, they also operate as a reinsurance broker in over 40 countries. PINC Insurance has demonstrated an exponential growth rate with 300+ employees spanning across offices located in eight cities in India.

Upsurging as a new age intermediator and disaggregator of risks, PINC Insurance has positioned itself as one of the leading composite insurance brokerage houses providing direct and general insurance
broking services for business entities and retail insurance services for individuals in India. "From working along with clients in identi fying risk to drawing up comprehensive insurance purchase programs and aiding through any adverse events is what we would like to be known for. Our ability to understand a customer's business needs allows us to offer customized solutions through a customer first approach. As responsible insurance advisors, maintaining transparency is essential during the clients purchase process, regardless of one being sophisti cated, impulsive, need based or discount oriented. We proactively work towards avoiding this ambiguity and any sourness in our relationships with our insured and insurers," says Sathish Mathur, CEO, PINC Insurance.

Certified as an Insurance Broker by IRDAI and accreditation from LLOYDS of London, PINC Insurance is equipped with experts experienced across the lines they operate in. The firm has gained the reputation of being a responsible and active participant in the BFSI space in enhancing financial inclusion through physical and digital means. "Operating in a knowledge driven space, being competitive is essential in this evolving industry. A unicorn into services may not be keen on the run of the mill insurance solutions. Similarly, emerging Indian multinationals may desire a traditional Marine Insurance product to offer more than its original design. An increase in exports to litigious markets imports more liability risk. Digitization, online banking, and retailing have exponentially increased the risk of breaching norms on data confiden tiality and privacy law. As constituents of the Insurance industry, we keep pace with this evolution by designing effective solutions," avers Sathish.

PINC Insurance has always been considerate about the policy holders' interests. “While insurance is an annuity business, the fact that the annuity stays with the Insurer/Intermediary due to a relationship quotient is bound to last, despite all the tech disruption in the Insuretech space. Given this backdrop, as an intermediator, we will continue to work on innovative solutions across various industries. We understand that insurance commoditization is good when the solution is to build an insurance programme around a large mass of individuals. At the same time, it is equally necessary to customize insurance offerings. Every adverse event has taught us that risks are diverse, and it is important to factor learnings as we build on future insurance offerings. Being a composite insurance broking entity, our mainstay will continue to be on Corporate and Retail Insurance along with a concerted focus on augmenting reinsurance capacities for multiple product lines,” concludes Sathish.