Pricekart: Helping Online Buyers Find Products at the Lowest Price

Ruturaj Kohok ,Founder & CEO
Ruturaj Kohok
Founder & CEO

With thousands of retailers and millions of product options available, selecting the right product and finding the best price has become an extremely time-consuming task. Online shoppers have to visit multiple e-Commerce websites, compare prices, and read reviews before making their buying decision. As a consequence, majority of them opt to settle for a single go-to online retailer for all their needs which, often means they don’t get the best deals for the products.

A price comparison website like aims to help such buyers search, research, and compare from millions of products as well as save time and money. Pricekart collects data like prices, coupons and deals from over 100 top online stores. It helps users compare prices & specifications, read reviews and find the best deals and coupons from a wide range of products.

Started in 2016, Pricekart is a leading product research and
price comparison website that helps users to make a smart buying decision. was founded by Ruturaj Kohok (CEO & Founder) and Nitin Nagar (CTO & Co-Founder), who understood the challenges that buyers face to find the best deal and lowest price for a product online. The entrepreneurial-duo believes in the purpose of Pricekart which is to help buyers make the right decisions by ‘choosing the best, but paying the least’.

"The entrepreneurial-duo believes in the purpose of Pricekart which is to help buyers make the right decisions by ‘choosing the best, but paying the least"

Building a Bridge Between Online Buyers & Online Sellers
The website has millions of merchandise from categories like mobiles, laptops, electronics, home appliances and books, and constantly adds several other categories to make Pricekart a portal where users can find everything that they buy online. Pricekart is the only price comparison website that automatically updates the real-time prices of products from top online stores.

This price comparison shopping engine not only helps users compare prices, but also lets them compare specifications between two or more products. Pricekart is a result of a set of machine learning algorithms and data
intelligence devised to act as a shopping assistant to its users. Moreover, its unique voice search, browser extension and Android app make it easier for users to compare prices of products on the go. This eventually led to Pricekart becoming one of the top 10 leading price comparison websites in India, within the first 18 months. Soon, this Nashik-based venture is going to add the ‘fashion category’ into its comparison list.

With e-Commerce giants taking up most of the online sales, many small and medium online retailers with better deals and offers are completely overlooked. To empower these small-scale online retail businesses, Pricekart came-up with its very own ‘Merchant system’. This merchant system will allow these retailers to register with Pricekart and display their products and stores along with other e-Commerce giants.

True to its tagline ‘Buying Decisions Simplified’, Pricekart is here to make you a smart buyer. This bootstrapped company today witnesses approximately 16,000 viewers per day and aims to acquire 10 million users every month. Pricekart has gained rapid growth in a short period of time. It has already made a place for itself in the top price comparison websites in India. By using, users will not have to worry about spending too much while shopping online.