Prime Investment Services: Investment Artists Securing Client's Investments via Gainful Guidance

Pragnesh Desai,  FounderBy virtue of a combined big push from both the government & the private sector, India is indisputably amongst the worlds’ most vibrant capital markets. If reports are to be counted on, India has a perfect 10 score in protecting shareholders’ rights, its Mutual Fund(MF)industry has grown to Rs.26.33 trillion, the total first year premium of life insurance companies reached Rs.214673 crore, and Rs.14,674 crore has been raised from IPOs!

Intrinsically, people from all social strata have certain expectations from the financial market and they keep weaving their own ‘quick’ money making ideas. But the bulk of these plans being amateurish & bumbling only result to financial loss and resource depletion for the investor. As such, the requisite for efficient, effective and custom-made Financial Goal Management services is dearly felt.

Giving Gainful Guidance for First Rate Financial Planning
Pioneering in offering the most scientific & quality solutions to its clients via various software and past track records of several schemes is Prime Investment Services, Gujarat’s first ISO 9001-2015 certified company for quality management system. More than just investment planners, Prime’s people are more of investment artists who leverage their ‘art with science’ approach to render the very best results on investments.
Focusing more on long term potential of underlying asset class, Prime identifies the right investment option & mix for its clients, maintains & tracks their portfolio, and renders updates on newer investment options and opportunities suitable for them, thus creating relationships for a lifetime.

What you can expect from us is sound research based unbiased advice, independent & need based advice, courteous service, honest & ethical dealings, and accessibility

Recognizing stock market as the best route to create wealth in the long term, experienced & trustworthy experts at Prime guide their clients through comprehensive services such as Financial Goal Planning, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Life Insurance, Education Planning and NRI Corner (foreign nationals of Indian origin investing in India). In addition to this, they give shape to investments via offerings like vacation planning, car planning, child’s education, child’s marriage, retirement and life insurance.

Exceeding Expectations through Effectual & Influential Technology Use
“What you can expect from us is sound research based unbiased advice, independent & need based advice, courteous service, honest & ethical dealings, and accessibility,”explains Pragnesh Desai, Founder, Prime Investment Services. Making financial goals simpler, safer and secure, Primes’ mobile app enables customers to check their due dates well in advance, ergo ensuring no penalty. Moreover, the availability of valuation report at finger tips, round the clock client service support, reports on risk vs. returns, capital gain statements, and holding statement asset class wise & sector wise, generates a sense of positive reassurance amongst the clients.

Toe-to-toe with technology, the tech savvy company runs entirely on NSE MF platform and has enabled itself with ultra modernization use of applications for investment product. Besides procuring robust softwares from pioneering providers and adhering to industry best practices, Prime ensures data security via password protection.

With 50 percent customer base in Valsad area itself, Prime is managing 350 families across the globe. Revealing sky rocketing revenue, the firm boasts of managing MF AUM worth over Rs.51 crore, about 500 life insurance policies and more than 1200 live general insurance policies. Furthermore, the company looks forward to double its business turnover in the next three years.