PRIME Securities: A One-Stop Investment Banking & Corporate Advisory Service Provider

N. Jayakumar,    CEOInvestment bankers play a crucial role in middle market merger and acquisition activities. The middle market (usually transactions between $10 million and $500 million) can be even more difficult for business owners to navigate than larger purchases. Professional financial participants, such as private equity groups, have universally recognized the importance of an investment banker in a deal. As a result, almost all middle-market transactions from a private equity group to a buyer are handled by an investment banker. If the professional money men recognize the value that the banker contributes to the deal, the business owner does it too.

Having stated that, one of the most difficult tasks in this market category is managing client expectations. Every client demands the best in terms of the financing, the best possible investor pedigree, the best available valuations, and attractive contract terms. The clients are looking for the best deal and they keep pushing the envelope. Corporates want high valuations and investors low. Thus the important task would be to balance the two.

Prime Securities, headquartered in Mumbai is a leading provider of diversified Investment Banking and Corporate Advisory services, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It is also an authorized company to advise and arrange financial services under a Category-I, Merchant Banking License. PRIME's product offerings to its clients include investment banking, corporate finance advisory, and arranging services. The company offers the whole range of Corporate Finance & Investment Banking service offerings for its niche clients, across the board industry expertise, from consulting and restructuring to capital raisings. With this, Prime has positioned itself to offer holistic advisory services in the domestic and international markets, thanks to a decades-long solid partnership with Financial Institutions/Other Lenders and Industry Leaders.

"We are predominantly an advisory oriented business. Our most valuable assets are our people, time, and intellectual capital. Aside from that, we use sophisticated tools and software such as Bloomberg, Pitchbook, Tracxn, Ace Equity, Venture Intelligence, and others. Furthermore, much of the work we conduct for clients is kept confidential. We specialize in providing our clients with value-added advice and services on complex strategic and financial choices and transactions involving Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity & Debt Private Placements, Initial Public Offerings, Corporate Advisory and Capital Restructuring", says N. Jayakumar, CEO at Prime Securities. "In our experience, developing mutual trust with the client goes a long way towards bridging any gaps in our mutual understanding. Furthermore, we maintain a constant interaction with clients on deal progress practically every few days, which gives the client confidence that we are always thinking about them and their interests", he adds.

Spearheading the Company's Growth
Jayakumar joined Prime Securities in 1993. He holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi (1978-83) and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (1983-85). Prior to joining
Prime, he was head of the Investment Banking Group at Citibank, having previously spent several years in Money Markets and Securities Trading. He is a recognized Speaker on various Business TV channels and fora for Equity research, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Wealth Restructuring, Indian Economy and Indian Stock Markets.

End-to-End Solution Provider
Prime Securities, as a full-service investment bank, delivers unrivaled experience in private equity, M&A, debt syndication, structured finance, IPOs, QIPs, restructurings and resolutions, open offers, delistings, and so on. Piramals, Mahindras, JSW Group, Vodafone Idea, YES Bank, IRB Infra, Edelweiss, InCred, Avanse Financial, Welspun, Wadias, Indostar, and VA Tech Wabag are just a few of the company's clients. Prime's team of seasoned professionals has always been its strength, reflecting the company's overarching vision and objective. The organization has continually provided unbiased answers to its clients for all of their financial demands while remaining ethical, truthful, and open in all transactions. Prime Securities has worked tirelessly to strengthen the overall infrastructure in order to bring-in the necessary innovation via future-driven products and services.

We strive to establish a knowledge-driven firm by promoting creativity, providing clients with tailored financial solutions, and striving for greater returns

"We are committed to upholding the text and spirit of the laws, rules, and ethical principles that govern us. We want to uphold the highest ethical and integrity standards in company governance. We establish a meritocratic work atmosphere that values people while encouraging teamwork and joint efforts. Throughout our operations, we hope to instill a sense of ownership and dedication in all team members while cultivating an exceptional corporate culture. We would rather be the finest at what we do than the biggest. We want to be small enough to maintain loyalty and connection with our clients and peers. At the same time, we wish to be large enough to handle our clients' requirements. In all we do, we emphasize teamwork", highlights Jayakumar.

Prime Securities has a distinct ear-to-the-ground strategy that enables it to design solutions that are legitimately required in the market. The organization has a wide and extensive network of investors spanning institutions, family offices and highnetworth individuals (HNIs), which provides considerable insights into trends and investor preferences. Prime's ability to identify issues early in the process enables it to seamlessly manage possible hurdles and hence produce greater results for clients.

Group of Companies
Prime Research & Advisory is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Securities that operates as an independent entity, delivering cutting-edge services on both sides of the balance sheet. The company believes in preserving customer value by delivering structured solutions through Debt Syndication, Wealth Management, Corporate Treasury Solutions, Fixed Income Trading, Investment Advisory, and a dedicated PF Desk. As a separate powerhouse, Prime Research & Advisory draws investment banking and investment-related research niches from Prime Securities.

A Robust Roadmap Ahead
Prime Securities aspires to be known as a firm established on expertise, directed by ethics, nourished by experience, and driven by a desire to provide tailored solutions in investment banking and corporate advisory services. Going forward, the firm intends to realize its goals in an atmosphere of fairness and equity toward its clients, workers, and society at large by establishing a financial institution based on client intimacy, product leadership, service, and operational excellence."We strive to establish a knowledge-driven firm by promoting creativity, providing clients with tailored financial solutions, and striving for greater returns. We have a full plate right now,but we are always on the hunt for fresh opportunities that use new age technologies", concludes Jayakumar.