Principal Mutual Fund: Helping You to Lead a Better Financial Life through a Systematic Investment Approach

Prashant Jain,Digital Head - India

Prashant Jain, Digital Head–India

The sentence ‘Mutual Fund investment is subject to market risk’ is usually meant for caution, but we take it as a warning to not invest in mutual fund due to higher risk associated that may lead to loss. If you are one of the many who have refrained from investing in mutual fund just due to the fear factor and realizing your dream, then Principal Mutual Fund is all you need.

Helping you to make informed decisions on mutual funds, this Mumbai-based company (a child of Principal Financial Group: a global investment management leader) is an online platform juxtaposing basket of MF investment plans to meet your financial need at all stages of life. “At Principal Mutual Fund, we offer products that provide a mix of short to mid to long term financial growth. So, whether you are new tofinancial planning or are an experienced investor, our platform helps you to grow your money, generate income and save tax,” professes Prashant
Jain, Digital Head – India, Principal Mutual Fund.

Functioning with the objective of creating maximum wealth for its clients, this mobile friendly platform (developed in association with Fractal Ink) recommends the best mutual funds in the country keeping in mind the principle of portfolio diversification and optimization. Apart from endowing investors to infuse in multiple SIPs, opt for regular boost (top-up), date flexibility in one go (Super SIP), the platform makes it simpler for them to select right funds according to their goals (Goal Planner), while boosting them with all necessary decision making information in few clicks (bestowing e-Commerce buying experience). “By offering an overall better experience of on boarding, transacting, goal planner, super SIP, payment options, better security and others, we have been able to develop confidence across various customer journeys and segments,” avers Prashant.

"At Principal Mutual Fund, we offer products that provide a mix of short to mid to long term financial growth"

Knowing Principal Mutual Fund
The company that empowers populace to lead a better financial life (via a systematic investment approach) follows a focused fund management and disciplined risk management strategy, supported by a thorough credit and economic research. Based on a disciplined and research-based approach,
each investment tool is designed to suit various income levels and portfolios. Alongside, its team of expert (fund managers & analyst) actively monitors macroeconomic parameters along with company-specific fundamentals and uses these inputs to actively manage the portfolios.

Principal Mutual Fund uses analytical tools to not just monitor the online customer behavior but also to identify & resolve their pain points in terms of account opening, payment options, information requests to call center and others. In compliance with SEBI & AMF, the venture simplifies the approach to investment, wherein the core of investment lies in clarity & integrity. This in-turn enhances its digital sales among NRIs. Since inception, the firm has served over five lakh customers and empanelled with 20,000 distributors across the country.

Experiencing almost double growth in its digital sales and aiming to achieve more in coming five years, Principal Mutual Fund is soon going to launch innovative digital products including better calculators, triggers, mobile friendly interfaces, new dashboard and iOS mobile app to, name a few. Simultaneously, the company is also building an online platform for its partner distributors and endeavors to make digital sales as the most preferred investor acquisition channel for the company.