Prudent Equity: Promising Unparalleled Commitment to Client Satisfaction & Wealth Protection

Siddharth Oberoi,   Founder & CIO

Siddharth Oberoi

Founder & CIO

In today’s era, making money from money has become an essential skill. At such a time, helping investors make well informed investment decisions, asset management companies provide them with crucial insights, thorough analysis, and cautious recommendations on a variety of assets. However, the industry has many difficulties that can leave investors feeling confused and overburdened with challenges like information overload, contradicting counsel, market volatility, and regulatory complications. Prudent Equity is a shining example of dependability and clarity in this setting. The firm sets itself apart as an asset management company identifying businesses with a significant margin of safety priority and strictly adhering to tight investing standards. This dedication guarantees that customers receive reliable advice, enabling them to move through the market with assurance and confidence.

Established in 2012, Prudent Equity is a reputable asset management company that serves retail investors, HNIs, and family offices. The firm acknowledges the dearth of information in India, especially for small and mid-cap stocks. Prudent Equity set out to bridge this gap by offering complete counsel for long-term wealth accumulation. It is a firm believer in providing investors with higher returns, and its strategy is centered on finding cheap stocks that have significant room for growth while minimizing risk. “As we embark on our journey into fund management with our AIF, we express our sincere appreciation to our members for the steadfast support as we pursue wealth creation through equity investments”, speaks Siddharth Oberoi, Founder & CIO.
The firm distinguishes itself through a commitment to ethical practices, ensuring that client interests supersede personal agendas. By adhering to stringent selection criteria, Prudent Equity identifies only those companies that meet rigorous standards, leading to impressive returns averaging between 60 and 70 percent during the 2013-2014 period, often within a short holding period of less than six months. Notably, stocks such as Alkyl Amines, Balaji Amines, Adi Finchem, and Garware Wall Ropes have continued to deliver significant gains post-sale, contributing to sustained client satisfaction. “Centered on small to mid-cap equities spanning various sectors, our approach entails a thorough bottom-up analysis to pinpoint lucrative investment prospects, thereby bolstering our standing as a reliable ally in wealth generation”, adds Siddharth.

Prudent Equity stands out for its commitment to ethical practices & prioritizing client interests over personal gains

Team's Leadership & Expertise

At Prudent Equity, the team is led by Siddharth Oberoi, the Founder & CIO. Established by Siddharth Oberoi, who brings extensive experience as a full-time investor since 1997, he has achieved remarkable growth, boasting over 60 percent CAGR in personal investments. Supported by a dedicated research team, Prudent Equity specializes in identifying investment opportunities primarily within the small and mid-cap sectors. Notable successes include the identification of multi-bagger companies like Waaree Renewables (formerly Sangam Advisors) acquired at a market cap of only Rs.24 crores which now trades at over Rs.15,000 crores in market cap, a rise of almost 625 times. These achievements have firmly established Prudent Equity as one of India's premier research firms.

Future Roadmap

With a modest start of eleven clients, the firm currently caters to more than 1000+ clients across the world. Noteworthy is its evolution towards serving a global clientele, with more than 20 percent from overseas. Pioneering innovations like the first-ever stock query section and transitioning to a recommendation based service underscore the firm's dedication to enhancing client satisfaction. Introducing new divisions like Ultra Microcaps in 2016, Smallcase in 2021, and the Alternate Investment Fund (CAT III) in 2022, Prudent Equity continues to innovate. “With our recent launch of the CAT III AIF, aimed at elevating it to flagship status, we anticipate numerous growth opportunities amidst India's burgeoning capital markets”, signs off Siddharth.