Purnartha Investment Advisers: Offering Focussed Investment Advisory Solutions for Wealth Generation in the Long Term

 Hemant Vispute, Managing Director

Hemant Vispute

Managing Director

Torn between the current global crises, we always wish for a stitch that could mend all our money woes. Giving our hard earned money to brokers for investing blindly believing in their gut feelings and their magical sixth sense, we still remain with questions on ‘what if!’ Most of the brokers and even financial advisors follow this traditional approach. But Purnartha Investment Advisers is in a different league altogether. A financial advisory firm, the company picks some of the best non cyclical, debt-free companies and advises clients only to invest in them post doing a detailed risk profiling related to the client’s investment goals.

The SEBI registered firm, Purnartha purely specializes in investing in public listed entities in India and those that can generate long-term wealth for its clients. To achieve this and earn the trust of the client, Purnartha goes an extra mile. How? Not just the promoters, but even the company’s employees invest in the stocks it refers to its clients. Not many would dare to do this! This is how the company in the last 10+ years of its existence has grown earning not just the trust of over 7,000 clients (including individuals corporates, family offices and institutional clients), but managing over Rs.6,000 crore assets under advisory.

Hemant Vispute, Managing Director, Purnartha Investment Advisers, adds, “We
believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, and hence advise our clients to invest only in equities that we invest in and are most likely to bring them the desired results”. Having its skin deep in the game the company invests only in companies with a proven track record and robust business model and so has generated a handsome CAGR for its clients (over 40 percent) for the last 10+ years. “Even in the midst of the economic turmoil, we have been able to outperform the industry benchmarks on a consistent basis,” adds Hemant.

We believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, and hence advise our clients to invest only in equities that we invest in and are most likely to bring them the desired results

The Focussed Approach
Purnartha believes that it is not only important to know what stocks you buy, but it is equally important to consider how much you buy and how long you hold them. Hence, it apprises the clients on all such matters, post which it conducts a thorough risk profiling of the clients to understand their risk appetite. It then accordingly constructs a portfolio with the right allocation in terms of the stocks and the quantity of investment. “We advise to invest only in non-cyclical companies, which mean we invest only in debt-free and high growth companies with large owner holdings low drawdown and faster recovery”.

The financial sector is a volatile market, making upward and downward moves surprisingly. Hence, during such distress times, it is common for the clients to panic. While other advisors pacify clients only during such times, Purnartha has taken customer engagement to yet another level. The company’s advisors reach-out to the clients through client meets, research notes on company results and quarterly conference calls to update them about the firms they invested in. “We discuss on every business and address all their queries, irrespective of the call duration, which sometimes even goes beyond couple of hours,” explains Hemant.

Going Forward
With regulations changing frequently, Purnartha has rolled-up its sleeves to add new gears to its business. From being just the financial advisors, it will soon start offering portfolio management services. This Pune-based firm with offices across seven other cities(Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai) has international aspirations, where it is targeting institutional clients like banks, who can advise its products to their clients.