Rajesh Satpute: Steering Clients to Success with Over Two Decades of Experience in the Indian Stock Market

Rajesh Satpute,  FounderStock investment is crucial in developing a sizable corpus. You will undoubtedly obtain good value if you choose the correct investment options. Having said that, receiving assistance from a stock advisor with an in-depth understanding of the equities market can be advantageous when it comes to making risk-adjusted selections. Furthermore, each investor's risk tolerance differs from one another. It is the ability to withstand volatility, and a stock advisor can help individuals understand their risk tolerance before making portfolio decisions.

In this regard, Rajesh Satpute is a renowned Technical & Derivatives Analyst in the Indian Stock Market. He is a SEBI-registered Research Analyst with over 20 years of expertise in Equity Research. Rajesh Satpute is familiar with technologies for analyzing global trends and their implications for Indian equity markets. He is well-versed in Elliot Wave Theory and Dow Theory and their implications for various (Bull and Bear) market cycles. Rajesh has worked with some of India's most prominent business and financial news outlets and websites, including CNBC AWAAZ, ZEE BUSINESS
BTVi, and Moneycontrol At the moment, he is a prominent guest on CNBC AWAAZ - India's No. 1 Hindi Business News Channel, and his opinions are highly appreciated by investors and traders.

“We are offering our services to our clients vthrough our website as well as an Android-based Mobile Application (Rajesh Satpute). We are successfully catering not only PAN India clients but also overseas clients. Technology is everything these days and we too have robust software in place which is complemented by an intuitive UI/UX. All the Technical & Derivative Calls we offer are decently coupled with the website and mobile notifications”, says Rajesh Satpute, Founder.

We have seen tremendous growth in our first two years of operation. In the future, we will continue to be reliable, effective, & approachable toward our esteemed clients

Today, Rajesh Satpute is a brand in itself, well-known in the market for providing excellent technical and derivatives recommendations. The company provides four strong products: Intraday Call, Positional Call, BTST / STBT Call, and Derivatives Call. Intraday Calls are intended for Intraday traders. The Positional Calls are intended for short term investors. BTST / STBT calls will be issued solely to NSE Stock and Index (Future & Options) traders. Finally, the Derivatives Call is intended for Futures and Options traders, with calls encompassing Futures, Options, and various Derivatives Strategies. All these Technical & Derivative Calls will be shared and received on the website as well as on the Android-based Mobile Application (Rajesh Satpute) regularly.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our first two years of operation. We also have B2B stock brokerage firms as clients, for whom we provide advisory services to their end clients. In the future, we will continue to be reliable, effective, and approachable toward our esteemed clients. We also hope to expand our business and keep it growing. In the near future, we will also focus to cater to large HNIs clients and stock brokerage firms”, concluded Rajesh Satpute.