Rhapsody Services: Refiguring Client's Accounting Advisory Needs

V Ravindra, Founder

V Ravindra, Founder

A survey predicts that the global finance and accounting BPO market will be worth $45,233 million by 2022. Looking at companies outsourcing their accounting needs to focus on the core business operations, the number seems achievable. But the purpose of outsourcing succeeds only when the outsourcing partner understands its clients need and problems just like its own. With the motto ‘Lets Refigure’, Noida-based Rhapsody Accounting and Advisory Services, or Rhapsody, keeps refiguring how to ease their clients’ pain points. “Our focus is on anticipating what the client wants. We feel the pain points ourselves because we work practically in the industry and give them the solution which is most appropriate and effective,” asserts V Ravindra, Founder, Rhapsody Services. Rhapsody comprehends their client’s needs, anticipates where they may get stuck, and gives them a holistic and end-to-end solution after performing an in-depth analysis.

Holistic & Personalized Solutions
Rhapsody was incorporated in 2009 with the objective of creating
an Indian originated and high-quality technology based professional services outfit in the corporate accounting and regulatory space. Having a unique combination of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and IT professionals enables Rhapsody to undertake the complete responsibility of their client’s accounting outsourcing and advisory requirements with ease. Rhapsody also has a unique ability of not only advising, but also setting-up and running the processes for their clients using technology. For example, in case of complicated accounting outsourcing, consolidations or IND AS adoptions, Rhapsody has the ability not only to functionally advise their clients, but also they can automate the entire process and run it as an outsourced service.

"Rhapsody has always been at the forefront in obtaining expertise in the latest/emerging concepts to hit the corporate accounting, legal/regulatory world"

Rhapsody has always been at the forefront in obtaining expertise in the latest /emerging concepts to hit the corporate accounting, legal/regulatory world, be it IND AS, XBRL, consolidation, New Companies Act, NFRA, or ICOFR, and are usually one of the first to be ready with their solutions and technology platforms. Rhapsody’s unique outlook of refiguring most cost effective and efficient ways of providing solutions gives it the edge over its competitors. The firm has a unique business model or approach which helps them
become a one stop solution provider in the accounting outsourcing, accounting advisory and corporate law advisory services coupled with related IT & IT enabled solutions.

Rhapsody integrates innovative techniques and operational excellence with talent and advanced technologies to deliver effortless and seamless accounting outsourcing solutions. Rhapsody has created smart outsourcing platforms which minimize user interface. It currently serves more than 100 companies using these platforms. Rhapsody has also developed its own MIS and FS consolidation platform called RCAM. The company is also a listed vendor with MCA for providing XBRL outsourced services and is among the top three in the country.

The Proud Indian Brand
With its mantra ‘Made in India, by Indians, for Indians’, the firm also offers its contribution toward supporting and boosting entrepreneurship in India. No wonder with its dedicated services, the firm has bagged many big names in its client lists, including Spice Group, Smart Group, Zomato, Oyo, Fortis, Averina Goa, Siemens, BLK and Unitech, to name a few. With offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Rhapsody has been able to achieve a phenomenal exponential revenue growth of more than 100 percent over last few years and is surging ahead with an aim to continue to provide top class services with all the enthusiasm and positivity that the word Rhapsody stands for.