Sampark: Offering Personalized Investment Strategies for Effective Financial Planning

Ritesh Kumar Jalan,Proprietor Embarking on an investment journey is no less than planning a road trip. While the idea sounds exciting but just like navigation is important for reaching destination, similarly, seeking advice from professional financial planners shelters your investments from speculative vulnerabilities. Spanning from golem advisors proffering automated solutions to hands-on, personalized advisory, Sampark combines the duo dynamics to provide expert financial advisory and positioning money securely. A master in wealth management, Sampark advises investment planning strategies to clients that set out route for meeting future goals.

Headquartered in Asansol, West Bengal, this company proffers unmatched services with utmost competence and follows highest possible standards of ethics and professionalism. Though the company was incorporated in 1994, the core expertise in financial advisory services was developed in 2005; since then Sampark is up scaling its company’s growth largely. Every customer of Sampark is endowed with personalized individual attention, irrespective of investment size.“Whether you are keen on small investments or playing it big, we provide
financial advice and distribute various investment financial products with the most efficient & widest range, customized specifically to your needs,” asserts Ritesh Kumar Jalan, Proprietor, Sampark

Sampark nudges such market modus operandi with its easy approach to investments and opinions on need-based products, thus empowering clients the liberty to make suitable decisions

A Ladder for Stable Returns
Unlike other financial advisors who impose their array of plans on the customers, Sampark nudges such market modus operandi with its easy approach to investments and opinions on need-based products, thus empowering clients the liberty to make suitable decisions. Sampark’s non-association with banks and insurance companies strengthens its credibility and trust factor among its customers and enables the company to offer unbiased advisory services.

Under its plethora of services, Sampark offers investment solutions for financial planning, retirement planning and insurance planning. After thorough market research, the company follows a step-by-step process - starting from understanding investors profile and investment needs to appetite for risk analysis, followed by development of portfolio for effective end results. Ritesh states, “11th hour investments done for tax planning just for the sake of saving tax liability is not the
correct way to do it”. Also, the GST enactment by the government lately created a chaos among investors, sighting which Sampark gained an edge over others by proffering tax planning service for both GST Returns and Income Tax. Along side, Smapark offers portfolio management and wealth management under proper guidance of specialized advisors just to ensure no hiccups. Believing that financial literacy is need of the hour, the company even conducts Investor Awareness Programme for updating clients, diurnally.

Momentum for Ethical Investment
This SEBI registered firm holds franchise of major grandees like Reliance Securities, proffering three dimensional trading systems with lowest brokerage available in the market. Having earned 300+ client’s trust through successful investments in financial products like stock market, mutual funds, SIPs & PMS, Post Office Corporate Fixed Deposits and Tax Saving schemes, Sampark has enabled its customers to keep track of their investment though it's customized mobile app and get access to complete financial transactions at one click digitally.

Recording substantial revenue growth year-on-year, Sampark plans to become a centre of excellence for effective financial planning by educating people about the true value of savings & need based financial investment. “Our motto - 'What you NEED...When you NEED...' thrives us to grow as a value investor by earning client’s trust through continuous improvement & maintaining everlasting relationship,” signs off Ritesh.