SARC Associates: Imparting Simple & Implementable Taxation Solutions

Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder & Chairman

Sunil Kumar Gupta

Founder & Chairman

In this global village and open market, corporates and individuals are engaged in multinational transactions and operations. This requires staying updated and constantly complying with ever-changing tax-jurisprudence. “Good compliance with prudent planning and guidance help and empower businesses to unlock their full potential and diversify their horizons to achieve sustainable growth, and even contribute towards Nation building,” explains Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder & Chairman, SARC Associates. However, businesses face several challenges on many fronts, right from sustainability to regulatory and implementation. With the mission statement to provide ‘Simple and Implementable Solutions’, SARC provides correct and timely advice with simple and implementable solutions to help clients mitigate their challenges.

A full taxation firm, SARC is a multi-disciplinary set up comprised of industry leaders and provides Direct and Indirect Tax services to help clients thrive India’s complex tax regime. Unlike others, the firm maintains the highest professional standards of independence, integrity, ethics and objectivity. SARC even emboldens clients to be 100 percent compliant with laws.
SARC was founded in the mid-eighties by Sunil, who is a philanthropist, a great visionary, a leader of Indo European Business Forum, and a Member of ASSOCHAM. The company brings along a lineage of more than three decades while offering an entire bouquet of services in both Direct & Indirect Taxes including compliance regulatory, tax planning, GST accounting & advisory, assessment and litigation assistance. In addition, the firm over the years has also developed niche expertise in handling complex issues related to international & transaction taxation, transfer pricing, entry & exit strategies and credit management & planning, alongside drafting replies & representing clients to tax authorities.

Its deep GST know-how not just assists clients in computing their incremental tax but also furnish them with several alternative supply chain models, which in-turn mitigate their adverse tax impact and tender planning opportunities. Utilizing best in-class technologies and softwares, SARC professionals partner with clients, discuss their requirements and design efficient & customized tax structures. “We have our own servers with fire walls and a dedicated IT team. Our IT infrastructure provides huge confidence to us and our clients,” avers Sunil.

Further enhancing customer-experience, its in-house research team tracks down the judgments delivered by tribunals & courts on day-to-day-basis and participates in deliberations at Trade Chambers, and Government delegations regularly. Following highest standards of integrity & ethics, SARC’s experts leave no stone unturned to make the customers happy & satisfied.

SARC brings along a lineage of more than three decades while offering an entire bouquet of services in both Direct & Indirect Taxes

Besides its flexibility and wide horizon of offerings, the strict maintenance of client confidentiality with respect to sensitive and privileged data has played an instrumental role in SARC curating a bunch of loyal clients across almost all industries. Presently, the company upholds clients from sectors like real estate, railways, oil & natural gas, education, FMCG, consumer durables, publishing, banking, government and others. The innovative firm is currently working on trending technologies like Automation, Robotics and AI leveraging which it will provide efficient solutions to enable clients to handle voluminous data used during tax processing. Enriched with such features, SARC has been growing 100 percent in the last three years and envisions maintaining the same moment.