Sayyam Investments: Your Financial Bridge & Partner to New Heights

Rishabh Raja, CEO & Director

Rishabh Raja

CEO & Director

India’s Fintech ecosystem has experienced tremendous growth in recent years in line with global trends, making it one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing Fintech markets. The Indian economy is performing relatively well as compared to other developing nations, and therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for investments as well as credit, catering to the personal and professional needs of the economy.

Sayyam Investments, based in Guwahati, Assam, and operating from Bangalore, Karnataka was incorporated on October 8, 2012, and received certification to operate as Non-deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company on May 13, 2014. Offering financial assistance and meeting financial needs without the use of collateral, it extends credit to those who are part of underprivileged social classes with poor credit ratings. The company prioritizes accessibility, client satisfaction, and sustainability. It makes the accessibility and utilization of financial services feasible for the low-income segment of society.

Sayyam offers its customers three different loan product categories including personal loans, flexible consumer loans, and loans for salaried workers. In order to help the general public with their financial needs, Sayyam created a product called PAYRUPIK in 2021.
PAYRUPIK is a mobile app-based financial service that satisfies and caters to the needs of the Indian populace in terms of personal finance. The minimal paperwork required by PAYRUPIK simplifies and streamlines the lending process. By offering financial services to everyone and attempting to make financial services more accessible and affordable, it holds the key to exponentially increasing financial inclusion. It offers flexible and individualized lending options with hassle-free online documentation to customers.

Sayyam Investments strives to provide the finest credit services to its customers in a time bound & efficient manner

Sayyam has significantly shifted from traditional conventional lending to digital lending in this new, technologically advanced era. The core leadership team at Sayyam Investments has been restructured with the addition of young talented individuals as well as seasoned, knowledge able leaders. It has an excellent workplace that inculcates employees’ job needs and promotes a work life balance by providing flexible working hours, significant paid time off, meeting individual wants and requirements, and fostering a supportive work environment where personal and family demands are understood.

The company can successfully connect and is easily accessible to smartphone users, as digitization is the new way of life. It also complies with all requirements and guidelines set forth by authorities, regulatory agencies, and bureaus, including those related to DRA certification, CKYC, credit rating submission, and more. Since venturing into the digital lending space by the company in 2021, Sayyam has disbursed loans totalling to more than $250 crore. It intends to grow and ingrate itself into other spheres of society in order to assist those in need with salaried loans, medical loans, travel loans, business loans, and other types of loans. The company wants to establish itself as a well-known and reputable brand in the digital lending sector.“In the future, we look to achieve greater financial inclusion not only for the middle class poor credit segment and New to Credit customers (NTC), but also for Small and Micro Enterprises and high credit requirement segment. We desire to support all facets of the Indian economy with financial services and assistance. Our vision is to offer financial assistance to everyone who faces financial difficulties in an emergency”, concludes Rishabh Raja, Director & CEO, Sayyam Investments.