SMIFS: Leading the Way in Research-based Investment Practices for Over 25 Years

Rahul Kayan,  Director & CEO

Rahul Kayan

Director & CEO

Millions of investors and traders place their money in the financial market, one of the most popular investing platforms, in an effort to make a profit. The trading process has also been made easier by the dematerialization of securities and electrification of trade. Investing and making money is not a magic trick, though. Planning, expertise, experience, and most importantly research, are all necessary for effective investing. Most investors often check one or two boxes, which leads to their failure in the market more so in the current intertwined world where complications of and around macro and micro events as well as investment options galore.

Since its establishment in 1993, SMIFS is dedicated to providing ‘You’ with a world of solutions for your expanding needs through a variety of financial products. The rich history of the company serves as an inspiration for SMIFS. It places a strong emphasis on conducting business transparently and ethically to forge lasting relationships with its clients and associates. It employs professionalism, skill, and openness in the noble art of finance. The firm has served institutional and ultra high net worth clients and has a presence all across India. Research and advisory services are its core strength. It has skills in corporate finance, merchant banking, corporate advisory services, treasury management, and project finance. Its expertise spans Investment banking and Underwriting.
SMIFS strives to offer ‘Holistic Financial Advice' to its clients by fusing capital market products with advisory products for a comprehensive outlook covering the whole spectrum of investments across direct equity, Bonds/NCDs, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, and Insurance, emphasizing asset allocation and risk profiling of investors. SMIFS, a SEBI-registered intermediary, participates as a depository participant at NSDL and CDSL as well as a trading member at the NSE, BSE, and MCX. SMIFS is also registered with SEBI to provide services as a Research Analyst and a Portfolio Manager. SMIFS is also registered with AMFI to distribute the mutual fund products of virtually all renowned asset management companies.

Today, SMIFS is one of India's leading pioneers of research-based investment practices over the past three decades. The company has nurtured a sizable pool of eminent domestic institutions, HNIs, and global FII clients over the past 25 years. It has significantly improved its technical capabilities over the years across all of its product offerings to give customers access that is on par with some of the best in the nation. This includes a fully online platform for all trading, investing, and back-office needs, paperless account opening, and more. The DIY Tech Savvy New-Gen Client can now be better served by SMIFS, kudos to this. Research is and has been the corner stone of all their endeavors across all the fi nancial solutions provided by them and the strong institutional, PCG and PMS research teams aptly provide research for all categories of traders and investors across equities, commodities, currencies and handpicked mutual funds across categories.

Rahul Kayan, Director & CEO
SMIFS has always been a renowned, respected, and recognized entity among institutions and High NetWorth Individuals. In its rechristened avatar, Rahul Kayan steers the ship along with Ashwini Kumar Tripathi. SMIFS has expanded to 15 cities across the nation with over 500 business partners in the retail space and over the Top 75 Financial Institutional Clients across renowned Asset Management Companies, Life Insurance Companies, General Insurance, and High Net-Worth Individuals. “We provide the necessary infrastructure, technical and marketing support, operational backup, and research to help achieve sustainable financial growth. We have identified partnerships as another avenue to further ramp up our presence across the nation”, concludes Ashwini Kumar Tripathi, Managing Director, SMIFS.