South India Finvest: A Fast - growing & Renowned NBFC Empowering Customers to take on Efficient Credit with Ethical Lending Practices

  Natarajan R,   Chairman & Managing Director

Natarajan R

Chairman & Managing Director

Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs)are an essential part of Indias financial system. Owing to the governments emphasis on financial inclusion and the increasing demand for credit from various segments of society, the role of NBFCs in financial inclusion has grown in recent years. NBFCs have made important contributions to the growth of microfinance in India, reaching out to rural, semiurban, and metro areas where access to formal credit is typically limited. South India Finvest is one such fast-growing NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) established in Bangalore that has been in operation since 2017. South India Finvest is a corporation with more than 100 crore AUM that predominantly operates in four states: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The firm primarily operates in the Microfinance sector, which provides banking services to low income individuals or groups who would otherwise have no access to financial services. SIF has its own book and has partnered with banks such as Federal Bank and CSB on the Business correspondent Framework.

Being established as an institution based on four core pillars for longterm value creation for all stakeholders and making an impact in society Employee first Approach, Customer centricity, Robust & Best in Class Systems across the company, and Compassionate & Win/Win Approach. South India Finvest
believes that employee centricity is critical for any organization in any industry where Transaction intensity is high and thousands of clients are on boarded each month. The firm adheres to the employee first principle which is evident in all of its HR policies. SIF provides very attractive and appealing compensation, free Accommodation and food and a healthy and progressive working atmosphere. Significantly, the attrition rate at South India Finvest is less than five percent, owing to its progressive nature in terms of the employees’ first principles. The employees are equally mindful of providing a more distinguished level of service to consumers, assuring their comfort and satisfaction. South India Finvest as a corporation believes in social equity and being respected in the industry and community. The firm places a high value on building social equity among customers by providing excellent service.

South India Finvest is being built as an institution based on four core pillars: employee first, customer centricity, robust systems & compassionate capitalism

The third pillar of South India Finvest builds businesses by offering the entire value chain of financials using the best robust systems and processes in the industry. As long as the firm has a very rigorous mechanism in place, it believes it can capture demand more prudently and efficiently, without any credit loss. Furthermore, Natarajan, the company’s Chairman, and Senthil Kumar, Managing Director, believe in winning as a team rather than as an individual. According to Natarajan, the Compassionate capitalistic model ensures that not only customer benefit, but everyone else benefits as well.

“Our four pillars allow us to be the most respected, growth-oriented, and joyful company, allowing us to stand tall among our colleagues in the sector”, emphasizes Natarajan R, Chairman & Managing Director.

South India Finvest has developed tremendously since its inception in 2017, making a name for itself in the industry. Currently, the firm onboards between 10,000-15,000 customers every month across multiple states. As South India Finvest grows, the firm plans to expand its presence to additional states and to serve customers in the mid and high segments. To build a comprehensive suite of products, South India Finvest is growing into additional areas such as micro business loans, small ticket test loans, and housing loans. Significantly, the firm intends to become a 500 cr AUM company during the next 15 to 18 months.