Stewart & Mackertich Wealth Management: A Trusted Partner Steering Transparent Legacy & Financial Growth

Rahul Kayan, Director,Ashiwini Kumar Tripathi, Whole Time Director

Rahul Kayan, Director

Ashiwini Kumar Tripathi, Whole Time Director

As wealth investment and management is one Machiavellian business, financial oracles are leapfrogging across the industry with maximal vigilance, transparency and rendering reliable solutions like never before. Practicing this financial noble art with professionalism, skill and transparency since 1993 is Kolkata -based Stewart & Mackertich Wealth Management – an integrated wealth advisory and equity broking house catering to Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Indian Mutual Funds (IMFs), Banks, Corporates and High Net-Worth Individuals. With innovative, systematic and disciplined investment planning, the company redefines wealth creation for various life stages and focuses equally on superior service, commitment and consistent high quality, thus being a reflection of 'One Stop-One Relationship'.

A 1981-venture between Stewart & Co. and C.Mackertich, Stewart & Mackertich continues the rich heritage of long-term relationships, ethical dealings and transparency under the aegis of Rahul Kayan (Director) & Ashiwini Kumar Tripathi (Whole Time Director). “Our legacy remains intact with the trust vouched upon us from clients which has led to the growth of the client and the organization,” affirms Rahul. Today, the company has robust relationship with companies running PAN India and is one of the most sought after
conglomerate in Eastern India for connecting leading MFs and FIIs with companies in matters of research and insight. Proffering exceptional services including Broking (Equity, Commodity & Currency), Depository, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Retail Servicing (through owned branches and franchisees), it exemplifies expertise-excellence amalgamation.

"Stewart & Mackertich’s legacy remains intact with the trust vouched upon us from clients which has led to the growth of the client and the organization"

A Sky-Rocket for Wealth Management
Stewart& Mackertich's holy grail to maximal customer satisfaction is certainly transparency, epitomizing which in-house day traders and positional traders generate alpha returns through online & offline fundamental and technical research support while institutional desk (research & sales experts) vanguards clientele meetings, conferences and AGMs for companies’ analysis regularly, adds Ajay Jaiswal, President-Strategies & Research. Ashiwini adds, “In research, our USP remains untraditional approach of going deeper into analyzing factors that have bearing on companies”.

A SEBI, Stock Exchange and Depositories complaint company, Stewart & Mackertich follows strict client engagement stratagem that commences with order placement and upfront margin collection followed by voice recording of order placed, settling clientele funds and securities, and encloses by reporting client funding to respective exchange, hence following Client Due Diligence with appropriate risk categorization and In-Person
Verification, all under authorized employee’s supervision. Leveraging technology at par, the company invests strategically in electronic and digital channels including mobile app, online trading and online payment mechanism to provide seamless multi-channel trading experience and expediting growth of service excellence.

Safe Partner, Sound Prospects
When low/no investment returns, non-localized servicing and changing relationship mangers cause bellyaches to many, Stewart& Mackertich succours each predicament with its unparalleled corporate strategies and succours clients in making informed decisions. Since the website is secured with standard SSL Certificate, client’s financial transactions are completely safe and transparent, while execution. Additionally, organization’s policy and procedure document have well-drafted specified access control and password policy.

Owing a reputed clientele portfolio including Shree Capital Services, CESC Limited, IPRO, Shibir India among others in Corporate& HNI category, Jupiter, DSP, Sundaram, Principle in FII and MF category and many more, Stewart & Mackertich’s consistent investment in innovation results in Online Mutual Fund Portal development for mutual products’ marketing and registration of new wealth management products with SEBI (SMIFS Cedar, SMIFS Bloom, SMIFS Greenshoot, SMIFS Orchard & SMIFS Bouquet). Stewart & Mackertich flagship PMS products have been SMIFS Evergreen and SMIFS Harvest. Post establishing ten branches in metropolis, the company anticipates 75 percent revenue growth in current fiscal year and envisions incepting another 15 branches with extended clientele base.