Strafox Capital: Advisory Enterprise For Capital Seekers

 Shashank Lunkad,     FounderThousands of engineering students, management graduates, and young professionals dream of starting their business ventures. Most believe that having an innovative business idea alone is enough to make their startup a roaring success. However, launching a startup and setting it into operation requires a range of business management skills, which budding entrepreneurs often lack. To help these entrepreneurs achieve their goals, Pune based Strafox Capital provides advisory right from forming a business entity to raising funds.

Strafox Capital exclusively focuses on offering its clients a full spectrum of investment banking services, including capital raising, loan syndications, deal structuring, lease rental discounting, working capital finance, mergers and acquisitions, private placement of debt and equity, and legal advisory. “Our goal has always been to be the first-choice advisory enterprise for anyone seeking capital,” highlights Shashank, founder of Strafox Capital. “From early stage to growth stage, we raise equity capital for businesses across the entire lifecycle.”

Astute Leadership and a Team of Industry Experts
Strafox Capital has successfully raised funds for more than 100 companies, including startups and existing businesses looking for expansion. In turn, the firm has provided its investors with great investment opportunities, helping them fetch rates of returns beyond their expectations. While Lunkad has been driving these fundraising and Favorable investment outcomes with his financial and marketing intelligence, Akshay Ghugare, AVP-Credit at Strafox Capital, adds value with his experience in both equity and debt fund raising. Ghugare’s expertise lies in understanding clients’ business models and financial trends along with analysing their credit worthiness, valuations, revenues, and forecasts.

Along with astute leadership and a team of industry experts, Strafox Capital’s motive Ask, Listen, and Solve ensures timely delivery of cost effective and customer centric solutions. The Strafox Capital team puts
together the best alternatives for clients, thus creating a win-win situation for both the investor and the investee while following professionally backed negotiation rounds. The team digs deep into the valuations and financial analysis of capital seeking companies, thus assuring investors about the safety of their invested capital. “Backed by their vast experience and a thorough understanding of credit, our team has a proven record of mitigating risks, if any around the credit worthiness of capital seekers,” states Ghugare.

Akshay Ghugare, AVP Credit

Holistic Solutions under a Single Roof
In its quest to become a one stop shop for financial products and services, Strafox Capital provides holistic solutions under a single roof, ensuring that customers receive professional end to end services. Besides, the firm responds to emerging industry challenges promptly and effectively. “For instance, in the past few years the industry has witnessed a drastic shift, pushing many companies into troubled waters in terms of cashflow management. We are helping such companies develop a strategic plan towards business recovery through data science, analytical reduction of financial cost and reorganisation of operations,” mentions Lunkad.

From early-stage to growth stage, we raise equity capital for businesses across the entire lifecycle

Beyond developing strategic plans for novel problems, Strafox Capital meets the ever evolving customer demands and requirements by consistently upgrading its backend technologies. Lunkad has recently launched Lend Partnerz an online aggregator platform, through a company named Strafox Consulting.

Incubated by AIC-Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator(AGBI), Lend Partnerz is recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade(DPIIT). It is an invoice/bill discounting digital platform that enables micro, small, and medium enterprises(MSMEs) to seamlessly raise money against their invoices. Lend Partnerz features in Money Control’s 28 high-potential fintech startups and NITI Aayog’s and Atal Innovation Mission’s top five fintech startups. “We will continue to innovate and develop solutions that fetches success to us as well as our clients,” concludes Lunkad.