Swaraj Wealth: Making Investment Simpler

Ajay Kumar Jain,CMDI wish I had a house by the beach. I want to get my children educated abroad. I desire to be rich. These statements just sound wishful if you do not plan your finances to achieve them. Financial planning helps you select the right investment options according to your earnings, financial goals, and risk tolerance; whereas the process of investing allows you to grow, rather than maintain your savings for greater financial rewards in the future. The process of financial investment planning requires the assessment of many different investment options to choose the right vehicles for your assets, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. With a decade of experience as a financial advisor, Swaraj Wealth helps you in determining the most effective financial instruments to invest in and provides guidance for proper utilization of current finances.

Founded in 2013, Swaraj Wealth renders most appropriate children education, retirement, children marriage and tax saving investment plans based on the requirement of the investors. Its state-of-the-art CRM software integrated with online transaction platform (NSE) bestows complete overview of
entire clients’ investments and monitors the status of mutual fund (MF) purchases and investments in real time. The consumers can invest in multiple MF schemes in a single click and transact online without having D’mat account in any stock exchange, from anywhere in the world 24x7 via this platform. This user-friendly platform not only automatically takes first-time on-boarding investor to KYC page but also makes redemption process easy and crisp.

We are a process driven enterprise and want to empower general investors to plan their financial goal in scientific manner and help them achieve their financial goals well in time

Unique Approach
Investors get access to the portfolio tracker with unique Login ID and Password. The portfolio tracker manages multi-assets like Mutual funds, insurance, stocks, and other assets and displays entire MF portfolio, profile view, transaction, Capital gains tax, monthly transaction and dividend reports and others. The exclusive advisory ROBO tool is provided as an open source to general investors enabling them to invest without any intervention of human. Moreover, there have been around 24 calculators available on website which again assist visitors in computing all their financial needs. “We are a process driven enterprise and want to empower general
investors to plan their financial goal in scientific manner and help them achieve their financial goals well in time. It is more a ‘Plan and invest by yourself’ kind of technology available to investors,” avers Ajay Kumar Jain, CMD, Swaraj Wealth.

The company endeavors to resolve all investment related inquiries but never suggests a single investment plan to investors without briefing the subject analytically. Swaraj Wealth helps them understand and evaluate their risk, financial goals and future values, implication of inflation and tax with the help of various financial calculations. Unlike others, its MF research is totally unbiased as the website contains 60+ types of unique researches apart from traditional researches. Besides, the company frequently publishes blogs & articles and questions & answers widget on the website with the vision to educate visitors regarding investments, planning and execution.

Investors invest their hard earned without any worry of securitization as all the integrated platforms are designed with highest level of security (SEBI) and investments are routed directly from investors’ bank to MF company’s account. This future ready company witnesses a 25 percent year-on-year growth and envisions to emphasis more on automation and Robo advisory tool.“We believe to the core of the heart that planning and execution is the only key to lead a successful financial life. And it’s always better to be an informed investor than speculator,” concludes Nivedita Jain, Director, Swaraj Wealth.