Swipez: SaaS-based Invoicing & Collections Platform that Improves Business Efficiency & Cashflows via Automation Tools and Machine Learning

Vivek Iyer, Co-Founder & Business Lead,Shuhaid Lambe, Co-Founder & Technology Lead

Vivek Iyer, Co-Founder & Business Lead

Shuhaid Lambe, Co-Founder & Technology Lead

Swipez demarcates as a differentiated SaaS offering in the fintech space by solving the collection problem for businesses with a set of unique tools. Businesses can plug into the Swipez system without the need for any tech build outs. Swipez is Payment Gateways agnostic, so merchants can use any gateway while working with Swipez.

Swipez platform currently manages over 60,000 users across its 400+ merchants from diverse business sectors. Using behavior insights, it allows businesses to customize their payment requests to improve collections efficiency. Swipez’s machine learning algorithms estimate reliability of collections by using a
host of parameters in the backend including payment history of the merchant's customers. Based on this, Swipez predicts cash flows for businesses.

"Our systems not only eliminate Feet on Street collections for businesses, they also predict cash inflows for merchants’ for the next 4-6 weeks"

“Our systems not only eliminate Feet on Street collections for businesses, they also predict cash inflows for merchants’ for the next 4-6 weeks. It allows even smaller organizations to make smart business decisions using data analytics,” claims Vivek Iyer, Co-Founder & Business Lead, Swipez.

Plentitude of Features
Swipez offers invoicing templates, bulk invoicing, customer grouping and single window reconciliation for offline and online collections. Additionally, it is integrated with a couponing engine and a recurring billing system to auto debit a preset amount against a user's subscription account. Additionally, Swipez also offers venue management and event booking tools to businesses. Using this, businesses can manage bookings and collections for venues. They can manage bookings and
collections online and also deal with cancellations in a systematic manner.

For businesses who have franchisees or multiple branches, there is a full-fledged franchisee management system to split & distribute the collected payments between multiple franchisees as per preset rules. Businesses can manage multiple vendors and organize payouts for them through the platform. For B2B payments that involve large amounts, the platform charges only a small a fixed value per transaction. This makes it very attractive for businesses to manage and pay all their vendors through this system. It saves hundreds of hours of manpower, reduces errors and adds efficiency to the entire business process.

We have built Swipez bottom up, listening to client problems. We upvote features our clients want most and focus a lot on customer support. We have built a system that is simple to use and requires minimal training. In a SaaS product, customer retention is one of the key drivers of success. Our retention rate with merchants is amazing. This shows that we have built something useful and gives us confidence to scale. says Shuhaid Lambe, Co-Founder & Technology Lead, Swipez.