TalkCharge Technologies: Pre-Eminent Coupons & Deals Website Integrated With Recharge, Bill Payments & GiftCards Services

Shivani Gupta,COO
Shivani Gupta, COO

The fervent obsession to gain more value for the money spent, especially through coupons and deals is quite prevalent among the Indian customers since long back. Subduing this obsession of online saving among shoppers, the ever-evolving online coupons and deals websites are not just recommending the best deals, but also providing the profuse cashback offers, thereby cutting-down the users expenditures to a substantial degree. TalkCharge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one such pioneering coupons and deals website in India that associates with 500+ potential small to large-scale stores and delivers huge, extra cashback offers to customers. Wherein the users can enjoy their cashback money staying safe right at the TalkCharge own digital wallet, pinned with lifetime validity. Unlike the other coupons and deals websites that direct the users cashback money to a third-party vendor, TalkCharge lets them use their cashback regardless of the value, right from Rs.10 to any higher amount.

TalkCharge presents a plethora of options for the customers to use the money in their digital wallets to recharge mobile phones, pay utility bills entailing gas, landline, water, electricity, gas, data card and DTH and also buy any number of gift cards from various brands. Recounting other coupon websites that don’t have their own digital wallets, Shivani Gupta, COO, TalkCharge, expresses, “Our digital wallet is an add-on to our coupons and deals division, wherein we allocate almost 90 percent of almost every sale margins, to give customers extra cashbacks, thereby placing ourselves at an unbeatable position in the market with over one million trusted users”. “In contrast to similar players in the market that offer gift cards worth specific values, we will soon be unveiling gift cards worth right from Rs.10 till any higher value with no concern of limitation,” she adds.

The Transformation
Back in 2014, Shivani & Ankush
Katiyar (Founder & CEO) laid the foundation for TalkCharge Technologies as a recharge and utility bill payment website and worked part-time across their firm. But in a less span of time, they witnessed considerable growth of the website and also profusion in the number of users. Hence, in 2015, the duo hired their own team and gradually integrated all their services with coupons and deals through affiliate marketing in order to gain profitability. The fact that coupons and deals always intrigued the duo since the initial days, this propelled them into making TalkCharge outshine, as the only firm that is dealing with recharges and utility bill payments along with affiliate marketing under one platform.

"Despite the plenitude of competitors in the market, we are endeavouring to create unique user experiences for our customers across TalkCharge’s platform"

No wonder the firm has procured a mammoth user base presently which encompasses 60 percent of all-time active users, 20 percent of users who are active during the launch of offers and 20 percent of inconsistent users, summing-up to an average of 15 lakh users visit per month with transactions ranging from Rs.10–Rs.30,000 per user.

The Process
Any user who is looking forward to avail the coupons and deals at TalkCharge’s website will be redirected to its store page, wherein the coupons are available. Once clicked, the coupons will lead the users to the merchant’s website, while TalkCharge with help of merchant track down the drived sale so credit the users with appropriate cash backs. On the other hand, the team always emphasizes on promoting and boosting-up the newcomers (potential startups) in the market, as its merchants/affiliate partners which in returns earns them huge trust, popularity and of course good margins from these newbies.

Being an online channel, TalkCharge markets and promotes all exclusive coupons and deals across a wide range of digital mediums including emails, PR activities, social media channels (via video marketing) and many others with less preference to offline advertisements. The firm also has tie-ups with eminent universities like IMI New Delhi, IIT Delhi, ISB Hyderabad and many more to advertise its coupons and deals.
Security & Reliability at Each Phase
From the time users log in to their accounts at TalkCharge’s website, their passwords remain encrypted leaving no access to anyone then user itself, while their fast track One Time Passwords services are taken care by JUSPAY. All the payment activities at this firm are carried out across CCAvenue Payment Gateway, India’s Master Merchant besides the website being integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and handled by a trained team. On the whole, all the activities at TalkCharge are executed as per the RBI guidelines and tracked by its team members from time to time. Coupons, on the other hand, are eliminated frequently or as soon as they are expired from their efficient Content Writers and Research Analysts team and is even personally monitored by the leading team itself, so that users aren’t misled towards expired coupons and deals.

Etching the future roadmap, TalkCharge aspires to associate with 1500+ stores within the next three months, increase its user base to five million in the next six months and also deploy unique organic growth-based marketing strategies comprising different types of advertisements and promotions. The startup is also planning to procure funding of $2-3 million from prime investors who are focused on digital channels in the coming four months. “Despite the plenitude of competitors in the market, we are endeavouring to create unique user experiences for our customers across TalkCharge’s platform so that they have nowhere else to look for,” concludes Shivani.

Key Management
Shivani Gupta, COO
Ankush Katiyar, Founder & CEO
Leveraging their long-standing fervour for coupons and deals, Shivani along with Ankush Katiyar established TalkCharge Technologies and are facilitating their users with a full-fledged platform entailing Coupons, Deals, Recharges, utility Bill payments, gift cards and a reliable digital wallet.

Office: Gurgaon

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