Shreeji Enterprise: One-Stop-Shop For All Tally Service

Priyank Shah,Director

Priyank Shah


Before the advent of automation and the change in digital behaviour, accounting transactions were a cumbersome task. With the adoption of technology in businesses, whether small or large, processes have become much more manageable, simpler, and accurate. Adopting technology has played an essential role in reducing the unnecessary manual tasks in a business setup,irrespective of the recent past's size or profitability. Accounting activities from passing a ledger to creating a balance sheet to managing inventory, businesses want software applications and technology which decreases manual labour, time consumed, and increase accuracy, reliability, and productivity. Not only did it make the accountants' work dreary, but it also resulted in human errors affecting the profitability and expansion of a business organization.

Shreeji Enterprise, established on 14 year back, is an authorized tally certified partner, tally integrator, and tally academy. The Company offers Tally License Software, Upgrade, Renewals, training and lots of Ready Customized Add-ons; this add-on makes clients' life more peaceful. It’s Really One Stop Shop for Tally and Tally Related Products.

"Most of the company failed because they are failed to understand the need of the customer.” We are having 14 years of
experience as a ‘Tally Certified Partner’ with 8500+ customers and 150+ associate partners across the globe. To fulfill customers' demand is the only mission of our company. The tally company believes that everyone should be delighted who touch the tally, customers, accountants, GST practisers, CA, students, tally partner, employees everyone", stated Priyank Shah, Director, Shreeji Enterprise.

The company offers clients to learn tally free of cost by subscribing to their youtube channel. Named “Tally anywhere” with 2100+ subscribers since 2011, Also, if anyone is a tally license user, the company has lots of ready-to-use customized add-ons;

Offers Unique Customized Tally Services
Shreeji Enterprises is doing the entire tally business, including License sales, services, Renewal, Upgrade, customization, and corporate training. To do so, the company has an in-house technical support team and development team. The company has 200+ small and big customized add-ons ready for Tally ERP9 and TallyPrime License Users like WhatsApp module, cloud services, e-commerce solution, textile module, member module, and many more. "We are authorised tally academy since 2012; thousands of students learned our advance and master course, with our updated books material. Now we upgraded to online learning here I provide you online education, so join and enjoy learning from your home or work place and upgrade yourself", added Priyank.

However, the most crucial thing in the IT field is to understand customer's requirements, which can be possible only after vast industry experience. As Shreeji Enterprise has broad expertise and verticals on customer base, the company already knew what type of solution clients want when a customer comes to them. Shreeji makes clients' life and business easy by giving proper solutions for Tally and ERP-related solutions. With these exceptional services, the company has helped more than 8500+ clients. Some of them are the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, using member modules from the last five years. Also, they have developed a membership module for Vatva Industrial Association. After using our module, their operations became very easy and hassle-free. Some of our customers are “C-Somabhai Tea, Ganesh Masala, Indotex Paint, Pavan Mineral, Rajshree Cotton world…a long list.

Hence, Shreeji Enterprise wishes to become the leading value-added service provider for Tally to Tally license users globally with 10000+ customers and 200+ partners. Additionally, rewarding the trust of its clients, the company aspire to create brands that shoot high and mount up the business to great heights.