Tapanshi Finanziell: The Virtual CFO Helping Businesses Scale with Financially Right Advise

Jitendra Jain ,  Managing Director

Jitendra Jain

Managing Director

Modern day enterprises require a competent financial, strategic, and administrative advisor to guide them in making wise investment decisions. Gujarat based Tapanshi Finanziell is an example of a pioneer company doing exactly that, helping businesses scale by being the CFO. "We are a professional CFO Service providing and management consulting company having team experience of more than 50 years. We strongly believe that `Your Success is our Business' for which we advise the company to build its Global Presence and build a System Driven Professional organization to achieve its long term Business Goals", says CA Jitendra Jain, Managing Director, Tapanshi Finanziell.

Every organization, regardless of its size requires a CFO but the cost of hiring is high, therefore many small businesses and startups cannot afford one. Since its foundation in 2011, Tapanshi Finanziell has bridged this gap by providing affordable virtual CFO services. Tapanshi Finanziell is a modern CFO juggling responsibilities across strategy, admin finance and operations daily. The company does not only set ERP systems and report numbers but is a versatile and charismatic business partner in addition to being a business finance expert.

Currently, the companys customer portfolio ranges from 1 crore to 500 crore across industries like Plastics Packaging Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Construction and much more.

Led by Experienced Professionals
“Our CFOs are a team of professionals who
have various expertise and decades of experience. At Tapanshi, we offer services to startups, SMEs and other companies as an alternative by outsourcing CFO work at a much more affordable price. We use various strategic tools, data analytics, and our inhouse designed techniques of 3Bs, 3Cs and 3Ss for gap identification and providing cost effective remedies for organizational growth. Tapanshi is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. We are a partner in your growth. Be it Strategy, Systems, Policies, ERP, Taxes, Valuation, Bank Finance, IPO, Merger or Acquisition and due diligence” says Jitendra. Clients by hiring Tapanshi can benefit in a variety of ways, from management reporting to budget and forecasts, cash flow management, and preparation to accounting services. The team at Tapanshi will not only improve the capabilities of a businesss financial functions, but will also give the firm total financial, strategic, and administrative support.

Tapanshi a partner in your growth.Be it Strategy, Systems, Policies, ERP,Taxes, Valuation, Bank Finance, IPO, Merger or Acquisition & due diligence

The company follows a 3 Bs Approach which includes planning the business strategy, budgeting & fore casting, and strategizing the balance sheet & business valuations. It further focuses on leveraging system software that will help collate data efficiently and help its clients stay ahead of the curve. "Besides, our CFO Services enable clients to achieve enormous growth in their profits, and are 50-60 percent cheaper than a full time CFO", adds Jitendra.

Collaborate, Consolidate & Compete
Virtual Chief Financial Officer services in India are increasing, and Tapanshi is pioneering this growth since its establishment. Over the years, the company has dealt with each of its clients by first, helping them understand the importance of CFO and then journeying with them to ensure they remain a profitable business. "Out of 10 new businesses, only 50 percent succeed, this is largely due to the lack of financial understanding. Every company needs to have a finance department, either inhouse or an outsourced agency to take their business to a new level", adds Jitendra.

The company has a presence in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Rajkot, Gandhidham, Chennai, Mumbai, Banswara, and associates in Delhi & UAE. It also helps to raise funds for companies in form of debt and equity.

Looking at the future, the team at Tapanshi hopes to become one of the top 10 management consulting firms in the world and continually help SMEs benefit from its financial advisory services so they prevail amidst the test of time.