The Mobile Wallet: Digital Wallet Surging Ahead with Inimitable Distinctions

Vinay Kalantri ,Founder & Managing Director

Vinay Kalantri

Founder & Managing Director

Advancement in mobile networking coupled with nurturing Government policies has created an ecosystem of unprecedented connectivity and mobility. The monetary transaction segment is one among numerous domains that is undergoing a seismic change in its modes of operation. With numerous payment solutions, the volume of digital transactions is breaking records. The Mobile Wallet (TMW), a Mumbai-based digital wallet company is catering to these tendencies with unique propositions of its own. Aiming to liberate people from their swelling wallets, the company has an ever-growing list of solutions that covers almost every payment need, including remittances of electricity, gas, phone (mobile & landline), DTH connection, travel and hotel reservation statements among others.

Versatility & Adaptability
The core value that TMW offers is versatility, as transactions to and from the wallet can be performed in multiple modes. The wallet can be loaded using a debit card, credit card, net banking or the unique reload card – a functionality which has not been replicated by any of TMW’s contenders. Available at
outlets in over 20 cities across India, the reload card essentially converts cash into digital currency through a simple hassle-free process. The prepaid card, the company’s popular flagship product that incorporates conveniences like instant activation, has a rapidly growing customer base. Separating the online business from the offline, TMW offers virtual card that can be used on all online shopping portals & websites, in parallel to the physical card with offline utilities. Consequently, with Digital payment platform, Pre Paid Card and virtual card packed together makes TMW an open looped product. The company’s gift card can be redeemed at about a hundred retail outlets and also carries a discount on the card itself.

The core value that TMW offers is versatility, as transactions to and from the wallet can be performed in multiple modes

Adding to its adaptability, the wallet can be used by people owning smartphones as well as feature phones, with options to load, check balance or produce mini-statements via SMS. The rural & remote areas haven’t been evicted from TMW’s reach, as the SMS operation and the offline cards are serviceable in places where the luxury of seamless internet connectivity is absent. By disabling functions or activating them when required, corporate
entities can tailor its platform to fit their preferences.

Technical expertise
TMW, in a move akin to its peers, has included loyalty programs in the form of reward points which can be cashed at stipulated limits. While boasting an PCI DSS encryption and regulatory compliances, the platform is poised for further reinforcement of its security standards. The customer care system is robust with 24/7 service and added e-mail support. Moving a step further from its rudimentary position of being an app builder to a creator of utilities that enhances the ease of life, the company positions itself as a facilitator between the merchant and the end consumer.

TMW is open-eared to ideas that arise from any stratum of its team and implements them if feasible. The company has partnered with townships across Gujarat and other states and extends its services to thousands of people within a single city. TMW has strong strategic deals with numerous clients offering great value products/services to its customers. Showcasing stupendous growth statistics, the company that’s growing at a 250 percent annual rate might accelerate to better growth rate soon. “We would obviously go to the market but at the right time,” says Vinay Kalantri, Founder & Managing Director, TMW. By the end of the year, the company aims to be one among the top five digital wallets in India while extending its reach to a hundred cities and increasing its employee count from 200 to 1000.