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Anirudhan V,  Founder

Anirudhan V


A vigorous tax consultant, Anirudhan V (Founder, THRITHIRA located at Wadakanchery of Thrissur District, Kerala) has served Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala from 1977-2006. With over 30 years of expertise in taxation, this passion-driven visionary took voluntary retirement in 2006 (practicing Kerala General Sales Tax and Central Sales Tax) and started tax consultancy, hinting the beginning of a tax-revolution in the state of Kerala. Aiming to pick-up prevailing opportunities to boost Kerala’s taxation segment with his resourceful expertise, in 2006, he incepted THRITHIRA after retiring from the government firm. Since then, the company is offering all tax related services under one roof to large number of industrialists and entrepreneurs.

A registered GST Practitioner, Anirudhan started the practice of Accounting and Tax during 1971 and entered the Government Service during 1977 having served various Government Departments, including Department of Industries and Commerce. During the period of service, he also helped industrialists in their Taxation and Accounting matters in various ways.

Best-in-Class Approach

Right from GST registration/consultancy/return filing, TAN, income tax & PAN card services, e-filing of income tax returns, TDS, accounts preparation & submission with related authorities, labor & factory registration, filing of appeal cases with appellate authorities &
Kerala General Sales Tax Return, auditing and Kerala Value Added Tax, THRITHIRA serves them all. The company’s niche offerings highlight proficiency in preparing project reports (based on business & supply location, accessibility of raw material/machinery/technical information and knowledge) and governing financial management of imminent businessmen/entrepreneurs/industrialists.

THRITHIRA’s niche offering highlight proficiency in preparing project reports and governing financial management of imminent businessmen/entrepreneurs/ industrialists

While the vast majority of the organizations are reluctant to verify clients’ details with regard to taxation, this Thrissur-based venture consults monthly twice its clients to discuss their business itineraries and keep track of their stock position every month. Anirudhan along with his team scans each case and verifies details to keep customers informed about excess/shortage of their purchases & sales and provoke them to file all returns on time as well as remit the due tax at the earliest in order to avoid late fees/penalties. “For GST registration, customers are instructed to submit their purchase & sales detail in our office before 10th of every month so that if there is any deficiency in the input, it can be rectify before time. We maintain their accounts up to date and file the returns, and do not compromise with any client for change of tax percentage. If there are any mistakes from our end, immediate actions are taken to rectify them,” adds Anirudhan.

Keeping track of income tax & filing returns is a big problem in this industry, but THRITHIRA simplifies this problem by calling customers to its office before due date with all the available records including bank statements, wherein returns are crafted based on banking transactions and other purchase/sale documents. Further, at the point when traders are not in a condition to repay the loan due to several circumstances, the firm not only recommends them to raise the funds and minimize the loan value, but also urges them for the manufacture of qualitative items and make sales at a competitive rate.

Utilizing best-in-class software (WIN Mans), be it for preparing account & GST returns, submission of income tax or any other tax related tasks, THRITHIRA makes itself reachable so that clients can discuss their issues at any point in time. Besides upgrading technologies & methodologies, Anirudhan organizes various awareness classes on GST and other taxation subjects to educate populace about the same. In recognition of its outstanding performance, THRITHIRA experiences 10-15 percent revenue growth YoY and is expecting to maintain the same growth rate in coming years.