Tickntrade: Precise Stock Market Advisory Services Through A Unique Approach

 Murty Garimella,  Research Analyst

Murty Garimella

Research Analyst

Having a very sound knowledge of the importance finance has in everyone’s life, today’s youth prefer to diversify their investment portfolio and view stock market as a very lucrative choice of investment. Thus, the Indian stock market is witnessing an explosion of retail investor participation in the last few years. According to CDSL, the total number of demat accounts which was 2.12 crore in March 2020, has grown to 6.5 crore in April 2022. Also, retail investments in companies listed on NSE reached an all-time high of Rs. 19.16 lakh crore in December 2022, up from Rs. 19.05 lakh crore in December 2021. One of the major forces driving this growth is the stock advisory firms that are guiding the investors in every step of their stock investment process.

TICKNTRADE is one such stock market advisory company that is assisting investors diversify their investments and reap profits through its profound industry expertise and a keen eye for detail that enables it to predict the market flow in an efficient manner. Based in Mumbai, the company was founded in 1992 by Murty Garimella, a Research Analyst having 45 years of experience in the BFSI industry. Having been active in fundamental & technical analysis since 1984, Murty has even worked as an intermediary with Karvy Consultants, Kotak Securities and IIFL Securities.

“We are at TICKNTRADE provide both long term and short term investment & trading solutions to the investing public which suit to their requirements and risk appetite, since
young generation loves to have quick gains though there is considerable risk element in such approach. They strongly believe without risk, there is no big reward. In our country, we find all types of investors and traders of big & small stakes in equal proportion, and it is our duty to provide equal services to both big and small investor & traders by providing what they desire without giving a room for disappointments”, says Murty.

We Are At Tickntrade Provide Both Long Term & Short Term Investment & Trading Solutions To The Investing Public Which Suit To Their Requirements & Risk Appetite

Unlike other stock market advisory firms, TICKNTRADE follows a unique approach, wherein it advises clients following a strict risk management process and with a proper knowledge of re-entry level. The company considers its expertise in scrip selection and price movements as its core strength, as this concept has never failed them so far. As a result, TICKNTRADE has introduced this unique concept on many TV channels and financial magazines such as Bloomberg TV, Zee Business, SakshiTV, TV5, StudioN, RajTV, Business Digest and The Economic Revolution.

“Functioning like an investment advisory mall, we provide both long and short term trading solutions. These short term trading services include positional calls in cash segment, futures segment and also hedging strategies in derivatives, besides satisfying the traders’ needs in index and stock options as well. Besides these, we do satisfy the appetite of even very short term traders with proper risk management system”, Murty further adds.

TICKNTRADE offers its services mainly keeping six elements in mind –fundamental analysis of scrips, critical study regarding price actions considering both domestic & global clues, covering various industries with equal importance, perfect entry & exit level timings, right advice at right time with proper risk management, and perfect after-sales monitoring steps. Additionally, the company also offers Technical Analysis training to individuals with emphasis on participation & practice than on getting certification.

Currently, TICKNTRADE has offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad, and has plans to open two more offices in Visakhapatnam and Bhubaneswar in the next 6-12 months. “Our success and survival depends only on the customers, because a satisfied customer becomes the perfect marketing executive for our services. This is what we believe when we offer our services, as we aspire to retain the customer for long years with cordial, accurate and feasible services in time”, concludes Murty.