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Amit V. Desai,Advisor

Amit V. Desai, Advisor

With experience in hand, expertise follows. Having more than 34years of experience including 17 years of industry experience in hand in senior managerial positions for organisations like ICICI, Birla Global Finance and Tata Finance; Milind Desai joined the Advisory Board of Trackball Consultancy Services Private Limited in the year of 2001 with financial advisory as its prime focus. With the beginning of 2001, latent ideas were unleashed and the company started providing services across diverse sectors of business operations.“We try to keep the customer in the centre and assess whether he wants assistance in the marketing, manufacturing, financial areas or regulatory areas. We have the expertise and are capable of helping him across all the segments. One can move the cursor anywhere, in any aspect of a business”, says Milind S. Desai, Advisor, Trackball Consultancy.

Initially, Trackball was a purely investment company but with the onset of 2001, it diversified its services and moved further to areas like mergers and acquisitions, business management, process engineering among several others. The company also started identifying
profitable products for the Indian market that can be outsourced from countries abroad. One such instance is while working with one of the Indian companies, it identified medical devices in Israel that could be helpful for the Indian market and hence the company carried out marketing for those products in India on behalf of that Indian Company thus providing services to Israeli companies to help set up their business in this country.

"eNyota Learning, DigiFlick, Lexicon Chemicals and Neeti Solutions are among the companies that Trackball serves with pride"

Milind states, “If any company is looking to acquire any business inside or outside India, we help them in identifying the target audience and accordingly help them in negotiating a better price. We started in 2001, with the pharmaceutical industry, and then moved on to chemicals, auto, software, auto dealerships, textile, clinical research, machine tools, IT, photographic software, and others. We also have clients in the marine engineering sector. So, it's a variety of segments we are covering.”

The Impact Created
It was in the year of 2007, when some American start-ups wanted to set up their operations in India in clinical research, the activity of helping American companies also began. According to Mr.Amit Desai, for a startup, 40-50 percent of the time goes into regulatory and statutory compliances and they are unable to focus on the core product or services of the company. Trackball has helped numerous start-ups like these who wanted to have an outreach in the Indian market and presence as
well. “We helped them by taking care of most of the statutory and legal compliance activities (including Accounting, Finance& banking,) of the organisation so that they could focus on their main business. For all these American companies, we became a single point contact where in they did not have to go to any other agencies. They could just contact us and we'll co-ordinate everything for them”, he says. Indi-Pharm (India) Pvt. Ltd, which was a 100 percent subsidiary of an American company availed services from Trackball Consultancy is one such example.

Milind S. Desai, Advisor

Being an advisory company, the revenues for Trackball have been fluctuating owing to the assignment driven environment of this industry. Last but not the least, for each industry Trackball has expertise available within a short time of query thanks to the good network of associates and they are available on call anytime from across the industry and across the globe. “eNyota Learning, DigiFlick, Lexicon Chemicals, Neeti Solutions are among the companies that Trackball serves with pride. We have associates in the USA, Honk Kong, UAE and Singapore”, concludes Mr. Milind Desai.