UpperCrust Wealth: Offering Bespoke Solutions to Create, Manage & Plan Multi-Generational Wealth

Durgesh Pandya,    FounderThe pandemic has taught us to not just take care of our health but also our wealth as well. At a time when not just businesses but even individuals were hit with financial crisis, a careful financial planning prior to this situation would have saved many from facing tough times. Set up with the purpose to ensure that every individual remains rich on their Financial and Social Well-being, Vadodara based UpperCrust Wealth Brand surfaced with an intention to move from transactional relationship to offering bespoke financial advisory solutions.

"At UpperCrust Wealth, we've built a team of talented financial planners, wealth advisors who provide unwavering service to our clients according to their financial fitness expectations, financial goals and obligations in near, medium to long term. We do this because we are different from the cookie cutter firms that cram the marketplace with generic investment advice. We listen, we ask questions, and once we know exactly what you want, we apply our deep financial expertise to help you meet those goals. At UpperCrust Wealth, we effectuate our process by closely focusing on our client's financial objectives and succession planning needs using boutique of products and services to cater different age group and risk categories. We aim to create Happy Money", Durgesh Pandya, Founder, UpperCrust Wealth.

Established in 2020, UpperCrust Wealth is an extended arm of MyAdvisor, founded in year
2000 which catered retail clients, SMEs, Shop Owners and offices for their insurance and risk management solutions. The existing clientele has helped us a lot in building retail client base of 5000+ families and 500+ corporates out of which 1000+ families started taking our advices for investments, Personal financial services. The firm continues its operation for its retail arm to offer insurance solutions under corporate tag of MyAdvisor Finserv.

A Notch Ahead of Others
A wealth manager can help you invest your funds, provide trust and estate planning services and work with you on a financial plan to minimize taxes and maximize income. UpperCrust Wealth meets client objectives by offering services like Psychological & Financial Risk Profiling, Financial Planning, Private Wealth Management, Portfolio review and Restructuring, Investment Advisory, Tax Planning and Advisor, Philanthropy Management and more.

"We meet our customers' expectation by Investment Analysis, implementing plans, Continual updates & adjustments, Account aggregation, Update meetings as needed, Comprehensive review meeting annually, Timely & disciplined perspectives to help you ignore the noise and focus on the essential. Our customized portfolios are demand driven. The investment strategies of our customized portfolio may require using additional asset classes and portfolio construction techniques than what is typical in our core asset allocation portfolio strategy. At UpperCrust Wealth, our aim is to put the families first, our uniqueness is not only defined by our skills but also our attitude", highlights Durgesh Pandya.

With the wealth management industry making subtle yet significant shifts towards tech adoption, UpperCrust Wealth is not to be left behind. The firm relies on CRM for database, Lead Management System, Latest research and analysis tools like Value Research, MorningStar, Bloomberg and many renowned Platforms on subscription basis along with their proprietary tools developed by its team of experts such as personalised cloud system for each family for real time reporting. "A family office app or platform is a digital family office management tool that facilitates secure communication, collaboration and effective decision-making between family members, shareholders and directors, from anywhere, at any time, on any device", adds Durgesh.

With its current wealth asset under management being approximately Rs.5000 million, the firm wishes to take it to 5x in next three years. "While we have seen steady rise in numbers, growth is beyond numbers. We want to touch as many families as we can. In years to come, we will ensure adding up more value, enriching experience of learning and tons of happiness to stakeholders, investors and employees", signs off Durgesh.