V2C Resourcing: Committed to Ensuring Maximum Financial Effectiveness

Kaushal Kumar Lata,    FounderA in to ‘Micro’ According Merchant Market Sizing and Profiling Report' released by MasterCard collaboration with Confederation of All India Traders, it has been claimed that small businesses make up for 45 percent of India's GDP, which is around three times of what Corporate India contributes. This emerging sector is also said to be employing close to 46crore people, and growing at an annual rate of 11.5 percent. But amidst the glittering growth, there are some companies, midsized and small, which despite their best offerings often struggle to scale up. Kaushal Kumar Lata,a seasoned professional holding strong experience from previously served MNCs including Vodafone, PwC, Tyco Electronics, Britannia and Bosch, observed this gap and started his venture called V2C Resourcing, known for providing Shared CFO services to clients who cannot afford to hire a full time CFO.

Acting as Virtual CFO to SMEs,V2C Resourcing implements the best practices of great organizations to their midsized clients. Their idea is to keep it extremely affordable; at the same time, it should add value to the SMEs. They have been extremely
successful in transforming CEOs vision to 3-5years’action plan. As CFO of the organization, they strive for the 3 virtues, namely value addition (through real time MIS to top management on the business performance, setting up Governance Framework and weekly projection of Cash flow for next 3 months), value protection (through drafting and implementing policies and procedures along with internal controls and hedging the risks) and value creation (through budgeting and long term planning and optimization of cheaper funds available in the finance market).

Acting as Virtual CFO to SMEs,V2C Resourcing implements the best practices of great organizations to their mid - sized clients

The outset of V2C Resourcing was not an over night phenomenon. The major challenge faced by them was to reach to the decision makers and explain them the benefits which an experienced Virtual CFO can bring on-board. Kaushal says,“To get the maximum reach, I started to connect with the biggest Angel Investors/Venture Capitalists and explained them how we could add value to smaller organizations where they have invested. As per Kaushal, often CEOs look for 3 qualities in CFO,i.e. qualification, experience and trust worthiness. Generally a full time CFO with all these 3 qualities together will be very costly for MSMEs. This ends up CEO taking additional
responsibilities of Finance, resulting in overall lower productivity. That is where he can help such organizations.

Today, V2C Resourcing holds a prestigious name among Virtual CFO service providers in South region. The foundation of the V2C Resourcing is on certain business principles, which helps maximizing customer satisfaction. They ensure measuring of their performance in monitory terms and periodic update to the client on the same, focus on good control environment and automation of the repetitive processes to the extent possible. Kaushal explains about company’s differentiating factors as, “Every business has a unique X factor, on which the success of the organization is dependent on. At V2C Resourcing, we help management in finding this factor and building a strategy to derisk the business around that X-factor. Similarly, the promoters of mid-sized organisation typically have a short term perspective of the business.

We help them to find the sustainability point. This analysis helps management to start working proactively to ensure the business is viable in foreseeable future.” Happy clients of V2C Resourcing include the leading names across industries like chemical manufacturing, digital marketing, hotels inventory aggregators and polymer manufacturing. With holding their principle of constant learning, V2C Resourcing is planning to add more resources at CFO level to cater the growing needs of SMEs and to stand amongst one of the top three Virtual CFO firms across South India by 2020.