Value CFO: An Advisor of System Recommendation and Implementation

Gaurav Goswami,PartnerWe understand that there has been a paradigm shift in the business dynamic. Company Promoters have to be focussed and alert to withstand that change. New product development and new business strategies are the key areas where the promoter should be focussed rather than focussing its time in financial management, banking and on compliances. This has warranted the need for full-time Chief finance officers
Virtual CFO services are intended to not only conceptualize the right strategies but also to handhold implementation of those strategies for the organization to achieve the desired organizational objectives.

Value CFO assists foreign companies to formulate India entry strategy, new business start-ups and existing business entities to identify and capitalise on business opportunities via providing services like transaction advisory, financial planning and Identification of acquisition targets.

Value CFO supports include non-executive director services, Working capital management, profit & loss account and Balance-sheet analysis with appropriate comparisons. The organization also helps companies having CFO on specific issues like implementation of strategic business plans and arranging funding for business expansion.
Small and Medium size companies cannot afford a CFO. Instead, that role is played by the accountant or in most of the cases, by the promoters. Value CFO came across bottlenecks involving most of the key decisions taken by promoters, resistance by company in giving information, corporate governance issue, lack of a professional board and no system of appraisal. Value CFO after getting the assignment gives time to understand a particular company, its product and underlying value of the company. Value CFO brings those skills and tries to create the bonding with a personal touch so that the company shares the details to get the best advice. This is one of the differentiating factors of Value CFO from other Virtual CFO providers.

Virtual CFO services are intended to not only conceptualize the right strategies but also to handhold implementation of those strategies for the organization

Value CFO team consists of Management Graduates, Bank Professionals, Corporate Financial Advisors and Chartered Accountants. As a team of professionals, the combined strength includes vast experience, knowledge and industry expertise. Once, the organisation gets the assignment and information data is analyzed by team, expert opinions are taken and future course of action is decided to strategize the work. ValueCFO provides innovative and comprehensive solutions keeping high level of integrity. The organisation acts as a financial anchor, mentor, advisor and solution provider.

Changing business model has multiplied the number of challenges and put the role of the CFO to test. Present day diversified role includes risk management and timely capital raising for expansion at competitive cost along with deployment of IT tools. Value CFO also helps corporates in preparing the information memorandum; identify the right financial product, and getting the capital at reasonable cost. Value CFO has concluded many mandates, which includes financial modelling, creating MIS system, also in raising private equity for a manufacturer of bio medical plastic products.

Value CFO also advised a HNI client in setting up an education institute where the role included incorporation of trusts, brand tie-up, budgeting and setting up accounting system. “In the near future, we have planned to expand businesses in new locations and we want to be invisible CFOs by using present day tool of video conferencing, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud based data handling”, concludes Gaurav Goswami, Partner, Value CFO.