Spice Route Finance: High-Quality Services in Financial and Strategic Leadership Areas

Sriram Chidambaram,Founder & CFO Partner

Sriram Chidambaram,Founder & CFO Partner

The days of simply overseeing the traditional finance, budget and accounting functions of an organization are long gone. Today’s CFO is a critical leader- overseeing the financial health of the organization, creating & managing a flexible operating model and delivering timely as well as insightful decisions based on trusted analytics & financial information.

Understanding this, Bangalore based Spice Route Finance(SRF), a multidisciplinary firm; provide services of very high quality in Financial and Strategic leadership areas which is seldom available to companies other than larger corporate and multinational organizations. Deeming their clients as partners, the company provides strategic focus and use the best talent to ensure that the clients derive utmost strategic value.

Adhering to a result-focused approach, Spice Route prefers to be called as strategic business partners, as well as mentors who have deep Subject knowledge. The team maintains utmost
confidentiality while imbibing the best practices for the clients’ organizations. “We always intend to maximize profitability by understanding the current trends. We take immense pride in our multi-industry exposure that helps us unlock the financial value for every client we work with,” explicates Sriram Chidambaram, Founder & CFO Partner.

"With A Unique Engagement Model, Spice Route Finance Constantly Work Towards Optimising Cash Flows, Maximising Rofitability And Accelerating Growth"

How does it Work?
With the CFO services market experiencing exponential growth, the need of the hour is a good engagement model that guarantees successful delivery of services. Spice Route Finance consists of a large talent pool of qualified and resourceful experts who spend extended time with the clients to arrive at the engagement model that best suits them. It works towards identifying CFO level inputs needed for a company, its Timing & effectiveness, and advise the use of a controller for the rest of the duties to maximize the impact for the client at lesser cost.

“Most of the companies that come to us require CFO services for specific special management advisory tasks. With our unique engagement model, we look at critical tasks a company might require from a ‘virtual CFO’ to provide maximum impact in the organization. We carefully listen to the goals, aspirations, challenges and frustrations of companies we
engage and then collaborate with the team to establish the path from current state to desired state of operations,” he informs.

Spice Route Finance’s services can be broadly categorized into two types - CFO services, business advisory services. CFO offerings are quite flexible and the engagement models will range from being a mentor/ board advisor for startups, being a growth partner for late stage companies and steering force formid size enterprises. Business advisory services of SRF are strategic in nature, each offering helps organizations to unlock the hidden value of the enterprises. Although there are certain standard offerings in this area the depth and breadth of offering changes basis the size of organisation and intensity of the requirement. Strategic financial planning, Pricing and Profitability analytics, cashflow and financial forecasting, Performance management systems are few of them. Sriram says, “Our CFO services are based on subject matter expertise and strategic advisory.”

The Journey
Team Spice Route sees a huge opportunity in India where it identifies the dearth of quality financial advisory and talent pool. “With India taking the next wave of global growth, driven by Startups, MSMEs & SMEs, we feel good financial advisory and leadership is the need of the hour, and we are well poised to steer the growth story of Indian business to the next level,” concludes Sriram, on an optimistic note.