VITAE International Accounting Services: An Enterprise with a Glowing Culture

Malcom Di Guilio,Chairman
Malcom Di Guilio, Chairman

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. (Peter Drucker). “If you ever want to experience a living example of this statement, take a look at VITAE International, a small company in India, forging links around the world,” Chairman Malcolm Di Giulio confidently says about VITAE International Accounting Services Pvt. Ltd., a robust and thriving accounting firm in India with a registered office in Navi Mumbai and operations in the city of Coimbatore.

A company which started with one employee in 2003 is now an accounting, audit and taxation service provider to over 20 accounting firms in the English-speaking nations of the world with over 296 employees down to its culture built by its relational nature of doing business.

A Culture of Excellence & Learning

Under the leadership of Malcolm and Managing Director, Daniel Victor, VITAE has grown its offerings from the traditional areas of work in accounting, tax preparation and audits to wealth management, cost segregation studies, green credit studies, transfer pricing studies and advice on International Financial Reporting Standards provided remotely using client or cloud servers.
It’s a stable workforce with a 10 percent annual attrition rate provides its clients in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with highly competent staff. “Learning is to VITAE as ink is to a pen,” Daniel says drawing attention to the company’s learning efforts that are broad-based even drawing from the theory of multiple intelligences and related studies in addition to the vigorous acquisition of technical knowledge and skill.

"VITAE’s spread of work mirrors the work that a particular client carries on in their home offices building a cohesiveness necessary for seamless work to flow"

Learning is also augmented through VITAE’s membership of NASSCOM, its industry association. Know-how and relevant industry information also flows into the company from VITAE client firms who are a part of various international and national CA/CPA networks.

A Culture of Trust & Transparency
In a remote work environment that involves the handling of highly confidential data, trust plays an important part in VITAE’s relationship with its clients. The company has therefore subjected itself to ISO 27001 for certification of its Internet Security Management Systems and is additionally an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company giving due regard to Quality Management and Environment Management systems, respectively.

VITAE’s spread of work mirrors the work that a particular client carries on in their home offices building a cohesiveness necessary for
seamless work to flow. The company has also embarked in providing IT support in both hardware and software remotely to its clients to further develop those seamless processes.

A Culture of Social Responsibility
The organization also recognizes the need to contribute to the community and its efforts focus on impactful engagement along with monetary support to local causes, specific programs and NGOs. VITAE staff, in conjunction with the CSR team, takes up specific projects and work towards them enthusiastically. “I feel that this is a workplace where ordinary individuals are hired and developed as professionals and cultivated as the best people for society,” one of VITAE’s Manager’s Viswasaraj George Jacob says about his 14 years of experience at the firm.

"VITAE's Board recognizes the company’s innate strengths and cultural distinctiveness. Leveraging this, VITAE is poised to explore areas of prospective opportunities in related fields, as well as in IT for the accounting industry,” says Daniel about the company whose expected turnover is set to cross Rs.25 crore this financial year.

Malcolm agrees saying, “For all of us involved in VITAE, it has been a tremendous experience, the blending of cultures, the forging of friendships, the search for excellence and the sharply focused corporate social responsibility and community involvement, we have created a global organization in the true sense of the words”.