Wealth Man: Dawning an Era of Education-Based Consultative Approach in Financial Planning Industry

 Rajen Gala,  Founder

Rajen Gala


Our school days were often shadowed awfully by the mighty mathematics – the nightmares of Differential Equations and Trigonometry. Who am I kidding? Most of us even called on gods for the absence of math lecturers in class while dragging ourselves through the boring textbooks in those endless nights. Yet here we are, enough years later, having hardly any idea about the basic roles of mathematics that affects our daily life, ranging from calculating income tax & figuring-out tax exemptions to drawing financial plans and leveraging equity investments. It’s up for an open debate that failing to equip tomorrow’s citizens with financial literacy via carefully built curriculums is one of the major flaws of our educational system. But we are here anyway, and you are not going to be exposed to such a crater if you have a financial planning partner like Wealth Man, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that bridges this gap by adopting a time-tested disciplined approach based on educating clients and building long-term relationships with them. Challenging the industry’s conventional practice of ‘selling’ financial plans, Wealth Man tailor-makes financial plans for individuals and corporate that focus on different needs of different clients and keeping them well-informed and thoroughly educated of plan progress.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world and is the only guardian of true liberty. We believe that the objective of education is not just to fill a person’s mind with facts, but to guide him towards thinking in the right direction,”asserts Rajen Gala, a Certified Financial Planner(CFP)and Chartered Trust & Estate Planner (CTEP), and the founder of Wealth Man. He even conducts educational sessions for his clients’ children towards instilling financial literacy in them and cultivating saving & investing habits.

Creating a Well Informed Ecosystem
Rajen adds, “India is a huge market, but unless & until people are well-acquainted with investing & generating wealth, they won’t turn up. While offering the complete set of financial planning services, we start with educating them and make sure that they know not only what they are doing at the moment, but also the past records and future prospects of the same”. It’s not much surprising that Wealth Man is a wizard in client retention and gets most of its clients through referrals, and Rajen, who excels in crafting client relationships with a great foundation of integrity and honesty, has been in the center of everything the company does for its clients.

Lend your ears to one of the company’s clients, Suresh Vasanji Shah, Partner, Kohinoor Crane Service. He says, “It gives us great pleasure to recommend Rajen Gala because he is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, dedicated and highly focused person. His advice and guidance have always proved fruitfully to us”. All such testimonials filled with gratitude can be traced back to Rajen's(client) need specific financial planning approach, his decades strong wisdom in the industry, and the strategies that boast of the wisdom. Case in point is the way he helps his clients make higher returns through marvelously applying Value Averaging.

Value Averaging as a Powerful Tool
The power of the value averaging method is derived from the combination of two proven separate techniques Rupee Cost Averaging
along with rebalancing can hurt portfolio returns by continuous purchase of the falling asset or the continuous sales of the rising assets. The case of regular investing is not significantly different. While Value Averaging method is a necessity and an essential element in the accumulation of a sound portfolio, it is most certainly not sufficient. Perhaps you can pick securities like the experts do, but if you are unable to earmark a substantial percentage of your income, you are doomed. Hence, it’s of paramount importance that you execute it right.

We are able to offer such a personalized service, because our clients are our family members, and we are passionate about tailor-making a financial plan that suits them the best

“The discipline of Value Averaging mandates that when everyone around you has panicked, you not only continue to purchase units, but must do so in larger amounts than normal. This will be particularly effective if you stay abreast of the process, and having large amounts of assets already in your portfolio will make-up for the amount required for necessary purchases in the events of bear markets,” adds Rajen. No wonder, Wealth Man’s clients are always ahead of the trends and they behave proactively in the market. Each one of its clients recently closed accounts in Yes Bank a few weeks before its descent & the free fall, and it can never be a coincidence!

Being One-Big Family
The clients perceive Rajen as one of their own, involving a great deal of trust & reliability, and there is certainly more to it than him educating them and keeping them updated. “We sit with clients, and our discussions with them delve into their life planning which includes anything from their financial requirements to personal day-to-day activities, outings, children’s education, and whatnot. We are able to offer such a personalized service, because our clients are our family members, and we are passionate about tailor-making a financial plan that suits them the best,” adjoins Rajen. In addition, being ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Wealth Man is exemplary in maintaining records (a mandatory practice that dates back to its inception), which coupled with its practice of complete online transactions, creates a huge amount of transparency and in turn contributes to the trust element. Alongside, the company has also launched a mobile app for its customers, so that they can access their portfolios anytime from anywhere.

"While offering the complete set of financial planning services, we start with educating them and make sure that they know not only what they are doing at the moment, but also the past records and future prospects of the same"

The Path of Success
A synonym of trust and financial planning for hundreds of clients today, Rajen’s journey to success demanded extensive efforts. Hailing from the service sector, his passion for financial strategies made him invest in mutual funds, took him to several seminars & speakers in the industry, and eventually to further academics and beginning his life of 40s with a CFP certification. Age truly is just a number with Rajen. After almost a decade, he completed his CTEP certification and established Wealth Man India in 2011, where he started its operations as a one-man army with just a laptop and sheer will to meet people, educate them and create his own market.

Wealth Man’s investment philosophy based on Trust, Integrity, Quality, Responsibility, Diversification, Compounding, Discipline and Patience never failed to influence people, be it then or after almost a decade. “We have come a long way since inception. Our growth is not in terms of revenue, but also in terms of fame and reputation that we have earned from our customers to the tune of a relationship wherein they whole heartedly advertise for us and bring more clients. We consider that as our true wealth,” Rajen concludes.

Wealthman in Spotlight:
•A consultative approach based on starting with education rather than selling financial planning solutions.
•Certified Financial Planners with expertise in Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Business Consulting.
•Its clients come from all walks of life, and for all types of reasons.
•Executing a philosophy based on integrity honesty and sound advice, along with a focus on the delivery of high level service

Quick Facts:
•Year of Establishment: 2011
•Office: Mumbai

•Life Planning
•Wealth Management & Financial Planning
•Risk Management & Protection Planning
•Tax Planning
•Retirement Planning
•Estate Planning
•Legacy & Inheritance Planning
•Succession Planning