Wiremesh: A Simplified Roadmap for Your Financial Dreams

Sanil Ryan Pinto,FounderFinancial planning is like preparing for a trip. It's a roadmap of alternatives and choices that we make about our finances which affect almost every aspect of our life. There may be bumps and detours, but if we have a clear understanding of what we have invested in, it helps us to take the correct decisions, stay on track and reach the destination as planned and on time. But, today most people start their financial investment journey without having a clear idea of the destination. For this very reason “We spend ample time in educating our clients. The idea is to clearly define the financial planning journey (know where you want to go, the resources and the time frame you have in mind to complete the journey) using the simple but time-tested 'SMART' methodology where goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based,” avers Sanil Ryan Pinto, Founder, Wiremesh.

Keeping Investments simple, educating its customers and giving wings to their financial dreams is what Wiremesh has been doing since 2010. The philosophy of creating a well-defined customised plan for every client has been the cornerstone for its success. At Wiremesh, planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now most people are afraid of investment products because they think of the products are complicated and complex to understand. Wiremesh strives to present facts and options in a simple and concise manner which helps
their clients make informed choices. It works with clients to anticipate their life transitions and financially prepares them by regularly assessing these potential transitions, and creates the action plan necessary to manage them ahead of time. In fact, Wiremesh brings insight from the outside to help avoid emotionally-driven decisions in crucial money matters.

Wiremesh customizes every element of client’s financial needs by combining its service with the latest technology offerings resulting in best-in-class service at the most competitive price

A Holistic Approach
Unlike most banks & mutual fund houses that focus on selling their investment product, the firm accentuates on its services and delivers a holistic approach of investment planning starting from gathering relevant financial information, examining and evaluating all assets, investments and resources and clearly defining life goals. Post this all investment plans are developed on the pyramid approach of investment planning which is Protection, Return on Investment andleaving a legacy. Wiremesh customizes every element of client’s financial needs by combining its service with the latest technology offerings resulting in best-in-class service at the most competitive price. Its products encompass client’s every day-to-day element at micro (household cash flow) levels to the macro (FDs, Mutual Funds, SIPs, Term &Health insurance, Equity Portfolio Management services, Real Estate Consultancy, Will Writing services and more).

Proprietary Products
Wiremesh associates with NJ Wealth to tender its proprietary
Portfolio management services, NJ PMS which is a 'Rule Based' dynamic asset portfolio (invests in equity through equity MF schemes and debt portion through a mixture of debt and arbitrage MF schemes), NJ Multi-Cap Portfolio (pure stock portfolio that has given a return of 32.59 percent CAGR since inception) and MARS (an Automated Rebalancing System investing in top performing equity MF schemes based on customers need & risk profile).

New Innovations
Technology is at the heart of all offerings from Wiremesh. Everything from a FD, Equity or insurance product (health, life, motor& travel) is offered and closed only through the online medium (desktop or mobile app), which helps it to not only drop the price point of a product but also brings down the closure time. By using the latest KYC enabled biometric systems, creating of DMAT accounts to confirmation of bank mandates is done in flat 24 hours timeframe. Another area where technology has come to the fore front is the option of InstaCash for associated liquid funds. Post redemption, money is credited to the client’s bank accounts within 30 minutes and this is 365 days a year. Paperless availability of personal loans processed in less than 24 hours, through pledging of equity is another latest offering that has been greatly appreciated by clients.

Another simple technology enabler that has helped us increase our MF transactions by more than 30% is the concept of partner initiated transactions. The back end team initiates the MF transaction which is automatically sent on the clients registered email and phone. The client with the help of an OTP approves the transaction. This has turned into a huge time saving mechanism for our clients and is now become the go to medium for all MF transactions. At this time more than 90 percent of all our MF transactions are now partner initiated.