Yescalator: A Financial Advisory Service Provider Offering Customised CFO Solutions to Start-ups and MSMEs

CMA Jiz P Kottukappally,Founder and CEOThe role of an immensely experienced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is very important not only for the success and growth but even for the survival of any business enterprise. Many units fail due to the lack of proper financial planning and analysis in the initial stage and unstable decision-making with no proper control over financial discipline during the operational phase.

Inadequacy of skilled resources and the huge cost involved with it along with the increasing changes in the global business with the growing competition squeeze the margins and constraints on resource allocation. Especially it becomes difficult for start-ups or MSMEs to hire full-time CFO stoper form needful financial transactions. Yescalator Management and Financial Consultants act as Virtual CFO for such start-ups and MSME units and provide advisory services in finance and management.

"One of the core values we hold close to our heart at Yescalator is to ensure we offer good value for money and the ROI for the clients from investing in availing our services has to be always significantly higher than the ROI from their business," says CMA Jiz P Kottukappally, the founder and CEO. His professional qualifications coupled with exceptional knowledge in banking for more than two decades have guided the team with the right solutions to its clients.

Being a virtual service provider, Yescalator believes that a virtual organization is not con-strained by geographical restrictions. "We believe in effective collaboration with like-
minded professionals across the world and pull resources from the ecosystem as per the requirements and capacity of the clients," he explains.

The company offers advisory services in project viability study, business strategy development, financial structuring, fundraising, resource allocation, business restructuring, turn around strategies, financial management and controls, working capital management, cost optimization and profitability improvements, performance monitoring, MIS, standard operating procedures, risk assessment and mitigation, compliance, and taxation. "The spirit of our engagement with our clients is to develop systems and processes, train their internal team for a while and equip them with the required knowledge and skillsets so that they can handle things on their own,"Kottukappally adds.

Yescalator has successfully served in food processing, manufacturing, healthcare, travel and tourism, renew-able energy, retail trade, IT and ITES, entertainment and financial services space. It offers tailor-made solutions with result-driven suggestions after understanding the issues faced by its clients and following customer feed-back ensuring that all the channel partners collaborating also follow the same approach during the entire assignment.

The spirit of our engagement with our clients is to develop systems and processes, train their internal team for a while and equip them with the required knowledge and skillsets so that they can handle things on their own

This is the USP of the company. While talking about one successful project, Kottukappally says, "We have helped an IT company to relook at their business strategy and change their product from a license model to a SAAS model. We have assisted them in the costing and pricing of their products under SAAS model and developing a franchise network in various countries." This has helped the company to improve its sales and generate funds through internal accruals thereby avoiding the need for any external funding.

Yescalator is keen to create knowledge on finance and financial management among its clients, public through active use of social media platforms webinars and programs in close association with various business and trade organizations. It is also planning to open a few more branches in Kera-la. It is also exploring the possibilities of opening offices in the Middle East as Kerala has a huge NRI business community. "Once we have a strong foothold in our home state, we will be developing a technology platform. By collaborations and leveraging technology we will be able to provide virtual CFO services without boundaries," concludes Kottukappally.