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  • 10 Most Promising Taxation Service Providers - 2017

    In the wake of GST, the entire taxation procedure and filing methods, though streamlined, nudged the sleeping taxpayers out of their long siesta who have negligible or no idea pertaining to tax filing and related agendas. Since tax filing is more than a thumb-twiddling activity, it goes without saying that an expert hand is required to understand the nitty gritty of the entire procedure and produce it in layman terms for those who are in desperate need of some clarity. However, assistance in tax filing is not only limited to GST. Earlier too, large amounts of tax for humongous businesses and tycoons were handled by taxation service providers. As long as there is business, there is tax and as long as there is the tax, there is going to be a perennial need of expert advice. Taxation...

10 Most Promising Taxation Service Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Q9 Diagnostics Q9 Diagnostics Naveen VG, Co-Founder The organisation is proficient in providing a range of services from digital x-rays to immuno assays, from MRI to cardiac tests and ensure that each test is handled efficiently with personal care to ensure you receive the results on time
Ashwani & Associates ashwani & associates Ashwani Kumar, Founding Partner, Late. Shri Mohan Lal &, Aditya Kumar, CEO A full service and specialized taxation & accounting firm, which is a one-stop-shop for solutions to any Taxation & Accounting need
Balwinder Associates Balwinder Associates  Gaurav Thapar, CA The organization offers timely and effective solutions to its clients by leveraging e-Solutions, virtual accounts office solutions and TOAM (Total Online Account Management) solutions that are some of the firsts in the industry
Gururaj Associates Gururaj Associates Padma Gururaj, CEO The company helps clients with their business registration of Proprietorship, Partnership firm and Private Limited Companies and consulting services with easy to use technologies and concepts
H&R Block H&R Block Vaibhav Sankla, MD One of the pioneers in the industry, H&R Block strives to simplify taxation and accounting services through its law compliant and technologically enhaced offerings
Jain Singhal & Associates Jain Singhal & Associates Rakesh K. Jain, Founder One of the most experinced members of the industry, the company offers its clients traditional financial services with a twist of technical enhacements, making them more streamlined
K.B.Chandna  &Co K.B.Chandna  &Co K.B. Chandna, Founding Partner The firm has an excellent blend of experience and youth and its practice is managed by eight partners, other professional staff and associate firms located in major parts of the country
Padam Dhawan & Co Padam Dhawan & Co Sahil Dhawan & Padam Dhawan, , Directors The firm is a conglomerate of experienced and young Chartered Accountants well versed with both experience and latest technology taking ministration of recent developments in professional laws, legal developments and technological advancements
Puneet Puri & Co Puneet Puri & Co Puneet Puri & Sameer Kohli, Partners An Indian Chartered Accountant’s Firm, the company believes in one on one relations with the clients that helps them understand their requirements and offer services complementing their needs and adhering to the Indian jurisdiction
R Soni & Associates R Soni & Associates Ranjana Soni , Founder The providers of best solutions in matters of accounting, auditing & finance, the company constantly strive for excellence in all related activities by ensuring the highest quality standards and build enduring relationship with clients by providing most cost efficient and highly professional services