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  • 10 Most Promising Digital Financial Service Providers - 2020

    The digital finance service sector in India has been gearing up to expand to the underserved regions of the country. This move has been a result of the favoring regulation for customers and service providers that popped out to utilize digital financial services and increase the acceleration of the growth. Digital finance has been prevailing in the country for more than a decade, however, previously there were no extra provisions included for digital finance to give it popularity among the general population of India. Now as the Indian government took interest to increase the horizon and reach the underserved nooks and corners, for which it has eased down the regulation, and added the latest innovative service providers, it can be concluded that the digital finance of the country has an...

10 Most Promising Digital Financial Service Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Antworks Money Antworks Money Rajeev Mahajan, Founder Striving to offer best in class digital finance services to the users with loans in sections like residency, personal, vehicle, property, bank, and has services for investment management, credit counseling, financial consulting, free online credit score, and investments
Avanse Financial Services Avanse Financial Services Amit Gainda, Chief Executive Officer Delivers loans for education to studying abroad and India, executive education loans, services in finances, and customized loans
Capital Float Capital Float Gaurav Hinduja, Co-Founder Assuring services like finance for working capital, loan for small business, finance in digital finance, fintech, and finance for consumer
IFC   International Finance Corporation IFC International Finance Corporation Mengistu Alemayehu, Director - South Asia Offering services in investment , advisory, management of asset, development of private sector, finance development, equity in private, and mobilization of resource
LoanTap LoanTap Amit Tewary, Co-Founder Has a wide range of services including personal loan for house owners, EMI free loans, rental deposit, holiday, mdeical, wedding, personal, and loan for businesses, and vehicles
LoanTrust LoanTrust Kanhaiya Rastogi, Managing Director & CEO, Amit Kumar, Singh Co-Founder A trusted and bank neutral platform that works closely with its partner banks & NBFCs to get the lowest interest rate personal loan, home loan, business loan, vehicle loan and credit cards combined with superior customer services for its customers all over
MicroSave Consulting MicroSave Consulting Manoj Kumar Sharma, Director Assisting in finance, social and economic inclusion for more than 20 years with 11 worldwide offices
MoneyTap MoneyTap Anuj Kacker, Co-founder & COO Providing customized services like credit line, credit limit, credit card, money on demand, money on tap of a button, money as you like it, money when you need, cash + card, short or long tenure loans, and small or large amount
NeoGrowth Credit NeoGrowth Credit Piyush Khaitan, Managing Director The company offers mid size short term loans to merchants, business loans, invests in funding, and has no collateral with flexible repayment model
Online PSB Loan Online PSB Loan Ronak Shah, Co-founder & COO, Jinand Shah, MD & CEO Facilitating financial support in terms of business loan, personal loan, home loan, and auto loan to individuals online within a timely manner