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  • 10 Most Promising Investment Advisors - 2022

    An investment advisor helps as a person or with a group for investment recommendations. In addition, conducts security checks in return for a fee. It is conducted through direct management of client assets or assets or by written applications. An investment advisor with excellent asset registration through the official investment advisors. Investment advisors are financial experts with investment recommendations or conduct security analyses in exchange for a fee. Investment advisors often have discretionary authority in their clients’ assets and are known for upholding standards of fiduciary responsibility. Ensuring that clients’ transactions are of utmost priority, investment advisors are avid in solving well-tailored clients’ requisites with preferences and...

10 Most Promising Investment Advisors - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
White Rose Financial Advisors White Rose Financial Advisors Priyal Shah, Partner Renowned for offering mutual funds, shares, FDs, bonds, NCDs, AIF, PPF, NPS
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ace Lansdowne India Ace Lansdowne India Vikram Kotak, Co-Founder Providing world class services in joint venture and superior investment returns and service
Carnelian Asset Advisors Carnelian Asset Advisors Swati Khemani, Founder Envisioned in creating and protecting client wealth in the most optimal manner
Elever Investment Adviser Elever Investment Adviser Anshul Sharan, Co-Founder A personalised, goal based investing app offering investment planning
Glide Invest Glide Invest Manish Jain, CTO Provider of Goal Based Investing services, Guided Investment Platform and Industry-first Tax-free Rebalancing
Pentagraph Pentagraph Rahul Mone, Chairman A change binger that strives to be a market leader in the Indian wealth management space
Pi Square Investments Pi Square Investments Vishrut Pathak, CEO A perfect investment partner catering to HNI, UHNI, and family office clients with a (w)holistic approach for creating consistent long term wealth
TM Investment Technologies TM Investment Technologies Shashank Ramugade, Chief Business Officer Recognized for excellent services in Equities, Portfolio Management, Stock Market, Stock Investing, and Investor Community
TRADEIT TRADEIT Sandeep Matta, Founder Helping clients in right product of stock/commodity market with services based on Technical & Fundamental analysis
Triquetra Wealth Triquetra Wealth Abhishek Mukim, Co-Founder Offering topnotch services in Investment Management, Succession Planning, Risk Management, Tax Planning, Lending Solutions, Real Estate Management