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  • 10 Most Promising Online Financial Planning Companies - 2021

    India's financial sector is undergoing rapid digitalization and online expansion. The emergence of fintech companies has disrupted the financial sector and wealth management industry. Finance is a complex subject and is Greek and Latin to even highly educated or elites in the society.  The money management and investment proliferation has always raised confusions among laymen. Earlier, people used to take friendly advices or consult agents, spending a portion of their earnings as commission. With the advent of technology, there has been a change in the whole landscape. Wealth management planning is usually divided into two parts, investment planning and financial planning. While the former is limited to assets set apart for investments, the latter is about something related to...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aditri Financial & Investment Advisory Aditri Financial & Investment Advisory Chandrasekhar Sagutoor, Insolvency Resolution Professional Offering impeccable financial planning for investment, financial planning, corporate finance, and insolvency resolution
Affordplan Swasth Affordplan Swasth Tejbir Singh, Founder Offering excellent financial planning products namely Swasth OPD, Swasth IPD Savings, Maternity Savings and Swasth Loans
DSC Financials DSC Financials Daljit Singh Chawla, Founder Offers individuals and families comprehensive financial planning based on risk profile and financial goals
Hum Fauji Financial Services Hum Fauji Financial Services Col Sanjeev Govila (Retd), CEO A topnotch provider of Retirement Planning-for-Indian-Armed-Forces-Officers Wealth Management Real Estate Income Tax Children's Future Planning Financial Planning and a lot more
Integriti Investment Integriti Investment Sonal Kotak, Founder A Wealth Management firm with more than 20 years of experience in handling assets of over Rs. 170 crore across different Financial products
Invest Yadnya Invest Yadnya Gaurav Jain, CEO Facilitating hassle-free financial planning for managed funds, stocks, risk investments, students' finance, wealth creation and a lot more
MoneyPlanned MoneyPlanned Nikhila, Co-Founder Facilitating hassle-free financial planning for managed funds, stocks, risk investments, students' finance, wealth creation and a lot more
Visva Global Visva Global Praveen MGV, MD & Head Sales & Products An effective financial provider for Need Base Financial Planning with products including Equity, Mutual Funds, PMS, Insurance ­ Life & General & IPO/FD/Bonds
Vivekam Financial Services Pvt Ltd Vivekam Financial Services Pvt Ltd VVK Prasad, Chairman & MD A provider of world class excellent online financial planning for BIO-Growth, BIO-Secure, Vivekam Baskets, WIFTY, SMILES-Growth, SMILES-Secure, Nifty-Floater, PRICE, Sharia-Growth & Sharia-SMILES
Wealth Munshi Wealth Munshi Niyesh Sanghi, Founder Renowned for digital wealth advising, consulting for personal financing and assessment of risk return profile