DSC Financials : Handholding Clients through their Investment Journey

Daljit Singh Chawla,FounderThe average individual in today's world is quite tech-savvy and has easy access to various subjects. Despite this, financial awareness in the country remains abysmally low, even amongst highly educated and well-to-do classes. People spend their entire lives working hard to earn money, but they shy away from seeking professional financial advice when investing money.

As a result, in the absence of complete goal-based financial planning, they often invest in various financial products based on the piecemeal direction of 'their friendly agents' and end up with a compromised lifestyle. DSC Financials offers individuals and families comprehensive financial planning based on risk profile and financial goals. DSC Financials was founded by Daljit Singh Chawla, a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, in August 2018 in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Systematic Approach to Meet Customer Expectations
DSC Financials is a fee-only financial advisory firm. Its vision is to be one of the most preferred choices of mass affluent families all over the country when they are looking for well-researched and trustworthy financial advice. The investment advice provided is unbiased and customized to each patron while supporting the highest standards in business. DSC Financial Services include Risk Profiling, Financial Goal-based Investments, Mutual Fund Investments (Direct plans only), Insurance Advice, Taxation Advice, Retirement Planning and Wealth Creation.
DSC Financials follows a well-laid down method of initiating the Comprehensive Financial planning process with detailed Risk profiling. Thereafter, information regarding the Client's lifestyle and goals are obtained and after in-depth discussions, a customized Financial-cum-investment plan is prepared with proper asset allocation. It is supported with continuous hand-holding and regular reviews for portfolio rebalancing and tactical calls based on Market conditions. Best-in-class technology and software platforms are extensively deployed to ensure that the entire process right through On-boarding to Risk Profiling to Financial planning, Investments and Review, is made online, providing a very enriching and smooth experience for both beginner and experienced investors, irrespective of their geographic location. "Successful investing is more about managing Client's financial behavior", says Daljit Singh Chawla.

Daljit Singh Chawla’s qualifications includes B.E., MBA, and NISM certifications of Investment Adviser (Level-1) and Investment Adviser (Level-2). Other qualified and certified professionals assist him in his team.

DSC Financials follows a well-laid down method of initiating the Comprehensive Financial planning process with detailed Risk profiling

Growth & Recognitions along the Way
DSC Financials has been growing steadily since its beginning, and is currently providing advisory services to 100+ families across India. DSC Financials has received two awards in the Registered Investment Advisors Leadership Awards 2020 function conducted recently on June 2021. The firm received “Young Achievers Award - National Category- All India” and “Leadership in Highest Total Equity AUM as of 31st March 2021 – Winner in Regional Category (North and East)”.

DSC Financials believe in continuous learning and upgrading to make Client's Dreams Bigger and Better than their Memories. Most investors, before making their investments ask about ‘How’ investments are to be made, and many Distributors/Agents reply the same with a product selling approach suggesting isolated products or schemes. However, Daljit Singh Chawla thinks it is much more important to begin by asking ‘Why’ investment is to be made and ‘How’ will follow as an outcome, thereby making the investments more meaningful and goal-oriented. The core strength of DSC Financials is a customer-centric approach. In addition to providing customized financial advice, the Client is also educated and made aware of the options available.

In the near future, DSC Financials plans to serve more families and set them on the path to secure future while building lasting fiduciary relationships with clients based on trust and transparency.